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Salon Iris Support Options

Business hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 7pm EST, Saturday: 10am – 2pm EST

Training Videos

How-to videos to teach you how to get started with Salon Iris and advanced features that help your business run smoothly.

Document Library

Troubleshooting and setup documents can be downloaded to help with common issues.

Helpful Downloads

Utilities that you may need, previous software versions, and hardware drivers for your POS hardware.

Hardware Requirements

Hardware specifications that are recommended for using our software.

Free Webinars

Sign up for a free webinar for basic features, advanced concepts or payroll setup.

Setup Instructions

Follow these simple steps to install and set up Salon Iris on your business computer(s).

Remote Training

Allows you to get connected to our support specialists while following their directions over the phone. Please call (800) 604-2040 for further instructions.

Release History

View our list of changes made to the software during each release.

Software Setup

Do I need assistance to install Salon Iris?
Salon Iris is easy to install and most customers do not need assistance from support. You can find directions for installing the software here. If you do have any issues installing Salon Iris, give our support team a call or send us an E-mail. We are here to help!
Will my computer be able to run Salon Iris?
Most modern PCs can run our software. You can view the hardware requirements for Salon Iris here. Mac computers can also run our software as long as they have a program like Parallels and a copy of Microsoft Windows installed. Click here for instructions for installing on a Mac.
I’m using an older version of Salon Iris. How do I update to Version 11?
To install the latest version of Salon Iris, just follow the directions found here.
What is Microsoft SQL Server and do I need to purchase a copy of it?
SQL Server is the program that manages your information in Salon Iris. It’s included for free with Salon Iris. You don’t need to purchase it or pay anything extra if your business has less than 10 computers at a single location. If you are having problems with Microsoft SQL Server, you can find our troubleshooting guide here, or give our support team a call for assistance.

Credit Card Setup

Does Salon Iris offer integrated credit card processing?
Yes, Salon Iris uses Accelerated Payment Technologies’ X-Charge credit card processing software for easy to use credit card processing. For more information or to add integrated credit card processing, click here.
Can I process credit cards through the Salon Iris mobile app?
Yes. We also offer credit card swipers for phones and tablets.
Can I use a different provider to process credit cards?
Yes, you can use any processor and track transactions and totals with Salon Iris, but only X-charge can swipe credit cards to take payment through the software.

Mobile Setup

Where can I download the mobile apps?
iPhone and iPad users can download our app from the Apple App Store, Android users can find the app in the Google Play store, Kindle users download our app from the Amazon Marketplace, and Blackberry 10 users can find the app in the Blackberry App World.
Does my computer need to be on for Remote Access to function?
Yes, the computer with your Salon Iris database will need to remain on for Remote Access to work. Data from your Salon Iris database is synced right to the app, so real time access to it is critical.
How do I set up accounts for Remote Access?
Click here to sign up and start using Remote Access. Once you’ve created an administrator account, log in and easily add employees by selecting Employees > Double-click desired employee’s name > New Remote User Account tab > Create New User Account.
How do I manage employee permissions for Remote Access?
Access and permissions settings assigned in your software carry over to Remote Access and vice versa. To view the permissions settings for Remote Access functions only, log in to Remote Access with an administrative account and select Employee Access from the Options screen. Simply mark a setting Red to restrict access and Green to grant access.

Online Booking Setup

Will your online booking service work with my existing website?
Yes. To create an appointment booking plugin for your website just log in to your website dashboard and click on Booking Plugin Setup. The appearance of your plugin can be customized to match your existing site’s interface.
How do I add online appointment booking to my Facebook page?
Log in to your website’s Dashboard and click Facebook Integration. Design a plugin you like for your Facebook page and click Connect a Facebook Page to add your plugin to the page headers.
How does the Salon Iris online booking service help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
You can keep link your Google Analytics Tracking ID with your Online Booking site. Google Analytics is a free service that allows you to track detailed statistics about your website’s traffic.

Billing Questions

Where can I go to view and manage my bill?
Visit and click Create an Account using your product’s Serial Number. You can view a summary of your next estimated bill total, payment date, and manage all your DaySmart subscription services.
How can I update my billing information?
Log in to your DaySmart account and click the Billing tab to update credit card and payment information. You’ll also find a summary of your next bill here.

Miscellaneous Questions

How do I move my Salon Iris software to a new computer?
Moving to a new computer is easy! You can view directions here.
How do I restore a backup copy of my Salon Iris database?
To restore a backup of a Salon Iris database, select Database Controls from the File drop-down menu. Choose the Restore Database from Backup option and choose your desired method to restore. Once you’ve determined the appropriate option, click Next and your backup will restore into your software.
Where do I go in the software to setup employee access and passwords?
Select Password Setup from the Tools drop-down menu in Salon Iris. Check the Enable employee password protection on this computer checkbox and then start with the Edit Passwords. Assign each employee a password and click Ok when finished. Proceed to the Edit Access button. To restrict access for an employee simply remove the checkmark for the desired function. Click Ok when finished.
I’ve lost my serial number. How can I recover it?
A serial number can be found in a couple places. It is on the invoice for your software purchase. These are sent by e-mail to the addresses we have on file. If you received a physical copy of the software by mail, then the serial number is printed on a sticker inside the CD case and also on the invoice that came with the disc. If you do not have access to any of these things, we can help you with a recovery of your serial number by using this form.
I’ve forgotten my password. Can you help me override it?
Yes, we can. To recover any kind of password in the software, we will require that this form be filled out and submitted to us. Once the form has been submitted, a Customer Support Specialist will contact you to assist with the recovery.

If you have forgotten a password for a Remote Access account, a DaySmart account, or an Online Booking Dashboard, simply use the Forgot Your Password? link on the sign in screen. An e-mail with a password reset link will be sent to the e-mail address associated with the account.