10 Traits That Help You Become a Successful Salon Owner

September 14, 2014

Opening a salon, or any business, can be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. The process is not easy and there is no guarantee of success, but if you’ve decided to move forward and fulfill your dream of being the owner of a salon, here are 10 qualities that will help you succeed.

Passion: Passion is the foundation of being an entrepreneur. You need to have a passion not only for cosmetology, but for the full experience of being a salon owner. Passion will get you out of bed in the morning, even though you only had a few hours of sleep because you were up late taking inventory. Passion will help you get through the bad days, and will make the good days that much more meaningful.

SuccessOrganization: As a small business owner you are required to juggle your personal life, customers, employees, finances and more. Being organized will help you focus on the task at hand and still have time for some fun. Find a system that help keeps you and your staff in order and stick with it.

Motivation: Drive, motivation, being a self-starter – whatever you call it, having it is a must if you want to be a successful salon owner. The important thing to remember is that drive isn’t a finite thing. You can increase it through simple everyday things like completing your to-do lists. By completing smaller tasks, you start to build momentum which will help you conquer bigger tasks and challenges throughout the day.

Independence: Telling your family and friends that you are opening a salon is a big step in your entrepreneurial journey. However, once people know your plan, they will offer advice. Whether their advice is positive or negative, it is important to have a clear vision of what you want from your business and how you will get there. Be open to suggestions, but at the end of the day you should stay true to yourself.

Thirsty for Knowledge: If you were to ask any small business owner how they spent their day, their answer would most likely sound exhausting. As the owner of a salon, you will be responsible for every aspect of the business; human resources, finance, customer service, marketing, management, and sales are just a few of the areas you will need to be knowledgeable. Being a lifelong learner will make wearing all of these hats that much easier. As you’re reading this you might think to yourself, ‘I can hire people to keep my finances in order or to help with my marketing’, and it’s true, you can hire people to do it for you. However, keep in mind that the best business leaders are the ones who know their business. You don’t need an accounting degree or be the most creative marketer, but understanding how each aspect of your business impacts the others is what will make your salon a lasting success.

Confidence: Confidence is a unique quality that will help you to ‘bring it all together’. Being confident is more than just being sure of yourself. Confidence comes from knowing that you’re prepared, you’ve done the best you can, and you are prepared to take on any challenge you might face.

Selfishness: You probably didn’t expect to see selfishness on this list, but as a small business owner you need to be selfish with your time and resources. As we all know, there are only so many hours in a day and you need to be mindful of how you use them. Don’t be afraid to say no. Your time is valuable, treat it that way.

Delegation: You can’t be everywhere all the time. Having the ability to effectively delegate tasks and manage your team will provide you will the most valuable resource of all, time. Part of being an effective delegator is being able to let go. Your team members might not complete tasks in the same manner you would have, but that doesn’t mean it is done wrong. If you want something done a certain way, coach (don’t command!) your employees on what to do.

Self-Promotion: Talking to others about yourself and your business can be one of the most difficult parts of building your business. We’re taught from a young age that talking about yourself too much is rude. Instead of thinking of self-promotion as a sales pitch, think of it as your way to share your passion with those around you. Your salon is a big part of your life, be proud of it.

Resilience: The life of small business owner can be a roller coaster ride. Some days you’ll feel like you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life, and other days you wouldn’t trade owning a salon for anything in the world. The important thing to remember is that the bad days will pass and tomorrow has the potential for greatness. By developing your own qualities and those listed above, you can be sure that the good days are far more common than the bad.

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