4 Top Customer Service Tips for Salons and Spas

March 17, 2014


Customer service is at the core of any successful small business. As the owner of a salon or spa, the way you interact with customers will set the tone for how your employees will act toward customers. Here are four quick customer service tips you can put into practice today.

  1. Service with a smile. A warm, friendly smile will make your clients feel happy and comfortable. Although somewhat of a cliche, “Have a nice day” or “Have a nice weekend” is a kind gesture to wish the client a delightful thought.
  2. Details. It is the details that make a huge difference. Remembering a client’s new job, recent vacation taken, birthday, or anniversary makes your client feel special and important.
  3. Communication. Remember to always listen to the customer’s opinion or suggestion. Ask questions if you are unsure about a request. If your customer is trying a new style, ask for a picture. Remember what the client thought about his or her last style and offer suggestions, if necessary.
  4. Appointment Reminders . Your customer’s time is just as valuable as yours. Send appointment reminders prior to the appointment. If you are running late that day, call your client and tell them how late you are running. If you are unable to do this, offer your client 15% off their next visit, or a free product for compensation.

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