4 Strategies for Stylist Success


Are you looking to up your game as a stylist? Keeping your skills sharp is part of what makes you one of your salon’s primary assets. Check out our 4 top tips for stepping up and growing in your profession.

Stylist Success with Salon Iris

Set your Goals as a Stylist

Describe your vocational goals in detail. Instead of a vague hope like “make lots of money,” set a specific annual revenue. Divide it into monthly, weekly, and daily amounts. Confirm your customer count to achieve those targets. Decide which demographic can help you meet them. Teenagers with long locks booking two trims per year? Or, closely cropped professionals needing cuts and colors every three or four weeks? For the latter, you must excel at short styles and coloring.

As patrons visit your station, evaluate your accomplishments regularly to see if you are meeting your own goals. Do current customers match your target market? Are your numbers sufficient? If not, consider what you might do differently and reach out to your supervisor or trusted colleagues for advice.

Learn From Mentors

Your chances of succeeding are five times better with trusted or experienced teachers guiding your goals, even in this industry. The best mentors will challenge you, give you responsibility, motivate growth, and boost your confidence.

Locating ideal mentors as a stylist isn’t as intimidating as you might think. Knowing consultants personally is not always necessary. Reach out to your favorite bloggers or content creators and share that you feel a similarity in their values, intentions, and goals. Reaching out in a genuine, authentic way without presumption will ensure the most positive response.

Reflect a Culture Built on Positivity

Traditions bond colleagues. Your surrounding culture contributes to your longevity. It’s important to search for a salon with positive principles that mesh with your fundamental beliefs. Choose a shop that provides educational opportunities by teaching its unique customs along with the hairstyling craft’s business and technical essentials.

A good philosophy with a solid foundation will drive your advancement as your own brand of stylist. Set your professional standards high by demonstrating a clear, focused vision. An uplifting work environment accepts mistakes as learning incidents, offers training to enable suitable upgrades, encourages creativity, and supports progress. The personnel you interact with most should recognize and reinforce your passion for a productive culture. If you’re a salon owner and you’re looking to refine your company culture, check out our previous blog.

Hit Publish

Every stylist produces visual art. In our modern age of self-promotion and empowerment, social media is the best way to tell your before-and-after stories with client photos. Post virtual galleries that are easy to access and share.  Instagram is where a simple hashtag like #babylights helps you join a worldwide stylist discussion and get your work out there!

Likewise, Salon Iris offers a convenient way to document your clients’ visual evolutions. Our hair salon software features a handy before-and-after photo library for easy cut, color, and style comparisons. Sorting stored images by picture categories and dates will bring up reminders of past looks to repeat favorites or spark inspiration for new masterpieces!


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