Throwback! Popular Hairstyles From the 90’s


Americans spend $83.07 billion each year on hair care products. That’s a lot of styling!

Some styles have lasted the test of time and endured for generations. Others were a fleeting fad that were all glad are long gone.

90’s hairstyles are some of the most iconic. This is the decade that brought us a haircut named after a TV show character. Men began using bleach to make a statement. We loaded up our hair with butterflies, crystals, and a ton of other accessories.

Here are all of the 90’s hair trends we love to remember whether they were great or terrible.

90s hairstyles

90s Hairstyles You Are Sure To Love:

The Rachel

We’re starting this list of 90s haircuts big with the most iconic hairstyle of the 90’s. As Friends rose in popularity women became obsessed with Rachel Green’s hairstyle.

Hairstylists everywhere were giving everyone various versions of the square-layered bouncy cut. The cut was flattering on almost everyone, which helped its popularity.

Ironically, Jennifer Aniston thought it was a terrible haircut. She quickly changed her hairstyle, but the cut was here to stay.

90s hairstyles

Flipped Out Choppy Bob

Short choppy bobs have seen popularity before, but thanks to actresses like Drew Barrymore, they were back. These super short cuts gave off a fun and funky vibe.

Stylists would add their personal touch by making the layers chunkier for an edgy look. You’d also see people flipping the ends out instead of in for a youthful look.

90's hairstyles

Zulu Knots or Mini Buns

Gewn Stefani is a style icon with her signature platinum blond hair and red lips. Back in the 90’s her style was funkier but she was still setting trends.

She wore Zulu knots on the red carpet and soon women were figuring out how to do them themselves. These knots start by sectioning the hair off all over the head.

You create a diamond, square, or triangle shapes with the sections. The gathered hair is then twisted into a small tight knot.

A modern take on this trend is the double buns trend. Partition off the front part of the hair into two sections. Then twist the hair into tight buns to channel your inner Miley Cyrus.

90's hairstyles

Crimp it Out

Remember when you had a third option to curly or straight? Crimped hair started in the 80’s, but hit swing in the 90’s.

Women would braid their wet hair into small braids and leave them overnight. When you took them out in the morning you had gloriously kinky hair.

Those serious about crimp would have a crimping iron. This was much faster and would give the perfect crimp every time.

90's hairstyles

Box Braids

Braids got an update in the 90’s with the box braid, a square version of the classic flat braid. This braid used four strands of hair instead of three.

90's hairstyles

Curtains, For Your Hair

For men in the 90’s, the curtain look was the go-to cut of choice. The name came from the long strands in the front around the face.

This cut was most popular on the teenage heartthrobs of the time. Young Leonardo Decaprio is most well known for rocking this hairstyle.

A variation of the cut had the back and sides of the head shaved. This left the top comparably very long and sometimes shaped into a bowl cut.

90's hairstyles

Butterfly Clips

It wasn’t just butterfly clips, hair accessories, in general, saw a huge surge in popularity in the 90’s. Remember sticking hair jewels into a client’s updo?

The butterfly clip was the most functional and stylish of the accessories though. You could use them to hold back bangs, create small ponytails, or a half up-do.

90's hairstyles

Frosted Tips

Here’ a request you probably never get these days. Most men pretend like they didn’t take part in this trend.

In the 90’s, men would bleach the tips of the hair. Then they would style it by gelling it up into a spiky look.

This look was more for the younger crowd of pop stars and school kids. N’SYNC rocked this hairstyle like nobody else.

90's hairstyles

Super Straight Hair

After a brief trend of curly hair and the surge of crimped hair, women wanted a break. The hairstyle trend swung in the exact opposite direction with super straight locks.

The flat iron came on the scene during this time and has never really left. It’s a required tool next to your hairdryer at your station these days.

90's hairstyles

Winona Pixie

No one can rock a pixie cut like Winona Ryder. She took the super short cut and turned it into a fun and youthful look.

Her 90’s hair inspired women to brave the cut and ask their stylists to chop it all off. Winona’s pixie can be seen prominently in the movie Girl Interrupted.

The pixie has evolved over time getting longer on top with lots of volume and texture. Many women today go for a bold look in platinum blond.

90s hairstyles

Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs were the most demanded look when it came to 90’s hairstyles. To achieve the look, you’d cut your client’s bangs against the part with scissors.

A bunch of vertical cuts later, you’d brush them out with a blow dryer and viola. These days feathered bangs may have lost some of the volume, but they still remain a style staple.

90s hairstyles

90’s Hairstyles and More

Some of these 90’s hairstyles we are all happy to leave in the past. Some of them have never gone away.

Women love their straighteners just as much today as they did then. Feathered bangs are a trend that never went away, just evolved.

Other 90’s hairstyles can just stay in the past. Frosted tips are a trend that we can all agree never needs to happen again.

Whether we’d do them or not, it’s always fun to look back and remember. You could always try one out and embrace the throwback look.

Camilla Mills
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