Jumpstart January

Jumpstart January with Salon Software

  It’s the new year, and you know what that means: your salon clients are booking appointments right and left in order to start the year off with a trendy new haircut or a seriously look-at-me manicure/pedicure. However, with all of the appointments,

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winter blues

How to Beat the Winter Blues in Your Salon

Do you feel like someone managed to zap all of the energy out of your normally happy salon? If you’re feeling this way, it probably isn’t in your head. It isn’t unusual for employee morale and mood to fall a

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fresh start

How to Give Your Salon a Fresh Start for the New Year

Are you wanting to bring your new year’s resolutions to your salon this year? 2018 isn’t only about what changes you want to make in your life. It’s also a great chance to give your salon a fresh start. The good news

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Decorating Salon

Decorating Your Salon For The Holiday Season

Spruce Up Your Merch Don’t forget about your retail products – spruce up your displayed merchandise with colored or burlap bows to create a gift-inspiring holiday feel for your product displays. This is a great opportunity to draw attention to

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Salon Wish List

Every Salon Owner’s Christmas Wish List

With the festive season fast approaching, and your work schedule getting busier by the day, have you stopped to think about your Christmas Wish List? Look to reward yourself, and ring in the new year, with our top picks: All

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Salon Morale

Maintain Morale During the Holidaze!

The holidays seem to be everyone’s “busy season”, but in the salon business, we know this is a fact. Chairs are filled as everyone seeks to look their best for company parties, family gatherings, and pictures, pictures, pictures! Salon staff

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