Top Hair Hashtags to Boost Your Instagram Likes

Today’s business world has pushed everyone online, an eye-catching account can get you tons of attention. Traffic to your salon will depend on how many people you get engaged with your social media presence. As many of us are preparing to re-open our salons, we are trying to capture the attention of not only our […]

How to Craft a Hairstylist Bio to Attract Clients on Instagram

Life is competitive these days and finding clients that you want to work with is like finding Hens Teeth. With all the social media around we rely on daily, it becomes a huge advantage to know how to use it well to harness all the power it offers. The best way to do this as […]

Just in Time for Valentine’s Day: How to Do Heart Hairstyles

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect time of year for hopeless romantics and all things heart-shaped. Sure, you’ve seen heart-shaped cards, candy, and even dinner wear. Is your hair ready to be heart-shaped too? Here are our top 8 heart hairstyle(s) for this Valentine’s Day. 1. The Heart Hairstyle Bun A heart-shaped bun is one of the […]

12 Salon Products to Help You Accomplish Your 2020 Goals

As a salon stylist, your clients are looking to you for guidance when it comes to their hair cut and color. You’re the expert! You’re knowledgeable enough to know what’s the perfect cut for their face shape. You know the exact shade of auburn that will make their green eyes pop. The same is true […]

Salon Trends Predicted To Dominate 2020

Salon trends are always changing and it can be key as a stylist to keep up with the latest and greatest styles and trends dominating the industry. But with the fast pace of trends and the busy nature of salon life, it sometimes helps to play catch up. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of […]

15 Festive Nail Designs For Christmas Inspiration

The Christmas season is upon us once again, and one of the great joys of the holidays is decorating. For some of us, though, decorating our house is not enough. Instead, we need something a little more personal to get into the holiday spirit. For some, this means wearing Christmas-themed sweaters. Others put on necklaces […]

Shiny Hair is Trending – Check Out The Best Hair Shine Sprays of 2019

Did you know that 68 percent of women are unhappy with their hair? Seeing as the average woman spends a little over $58,000 (yes, you read that right) on her hair over the course of a lifetime, it’s pretty sad that so many of us are unhappy with our tresses. Luckily, the right hair care products really can help make a difference […]

Buy Hair Products For Cheap From These Top Wholesalers

A successful salon needs two major things: excellent service and great products. You’ve got the service covered with your amazing staff, but getting great products into your store can be a bit trickier. A good supply vendor needs two major things, as well: quality products and reasonable prices. The best hair product wholesalers will provide […]

11 Must-Have Nail Supplies for Professionals

Are you a professional nail tech just starting out or one looking to expand your collection? Having the right nail supplies for professionals will be the best way to keep your salon organized and help to better serve your customers. While most of your job is based on your talent and training you should still […]