Camilla A Mills

Choosing the Best Hair Extensions for You and Your Budget

The best way to get long stunning locks is to care for your natural hair, never use heat styling, and never touch it with color… but who wants to do that?! Instead of becoming a slave to their hair, many women are turning to hair extensions to add luscious volume and mermaid length to their […]

The Best Hairstyles from the 70’s You Should Try Now

What makes the 70’s appealing? A whole lot. You can see it in the visual aesthetics down to music and fashion. The romantic era of the 70’s held fond memories like disco music and Star Wars. 70s hairstyles also came alive as well. Many iconic styles rose during this era, popularized by singers and actors alike. […]

What’s New With Salon Iris? Find Out Here!

Streamline Your Workflow With Our Revamped Appointment Book     Appointment Book – New Look & Feel! *Cloud user only To access the new appointment book in your Salon Iris Software, simply login to your account and then click ‘Switch To New Site’ on the top right corner. Don’t worry – if you would prefer […]

Relaxation Day: Ways to Reduce Stress Without Sacrificing Business

National Relaxation Day (August 15) is a time dedicated to unwinding and taking a break from the stress of everyday life. Yet for hardworking small business owners who deserve it most, the holiday may not seem realistic. Running a salon is an ever-demanding job that doesn’t pause when you do. The idea of staying at […]

7 Essential Tips for Starting a Successful Home Salon

They say entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy, and we’re inclined to agree with them. Today, people are finding ways to go out on their own in all types of industries, breaking out of their office and being their own boss. If you’re a hairstylist, doing this for yourself could be easier than you […]

Why You Should Promote Locks of Love in Your Salon

According to the American Cancer Society, there will be an estimated 1,762,450 new cases of cancer. That means 1,762,450 people who could potentially lose their hair due to the disease. Aside from cancer victims, there are other diseases and other reasons why adults and children might lose their hair. Add these numbers together and the final result […]

The Benefits of Integrating Credit Card Processing With Your Software

Integrating Your Software With Your Credit Card Transactions Your salon business consists of a series of many daily processes, but if you can’t fit all these pieces together, you may be missing out on the bigger picture. Aligning your salon administration, customer management, and credit card transactions seems like the smart choice (and it is!), […]

7 Salon Marketing Ideas to Attract Millennial Clients

Are you looking for ways to attract more millennials to your salon? Are your old salon marketing ideas just not doing the trick? Well, you’re just in time. Millennials are about to reach their peak years when it comes to purchasing power. In fact, millions are expected to spend over $200 billion dollars annually starting in 2017. […]

What’s In It For You? Calculating Your Return While Growing Your Salon

Return On Investment – How’s It Growing? Do you know what revenue, profit, and margin mean? If you own a salon, you should. The hair salon industry overall is growing nicely year over year, but the average salon makes $19,100 in profit every year, while the average profit margin is a pretty slim 8.2%. Do you […]

12 Fun Gifts for Hairdressers There Be Sure To Love

Birthdays, seasonal holidays, anniversaries, salon launches: there are many opportunities throughout the year to treat the stylist in your life. Knowing what to buy a hairdresser, however, is a little tricky sometimes. Here’s our list of top unique gifts for hairdressers for you to bookmark and refer back to for every present-buying occasion! 12 Gifts […]