Boost Your Clientele With Male Manicure Services

Men are stepping into a new era of self-care. Since the term “metrosexual” was coined, men no longer had to sacrifice their sense of masculinity to tend to their physical and psychological needs, even if it means splurging on great face cream. So what’s next in the world of pampering for men? Well, it would appear […]

Communal Hair Stylist Stations: A Growing Industry Trend

Your hair salon is part of a $47.1 billion dollar industry. And it’s expected to keep growing! With the high demand for beauty salons, you need to make the most of your business and its potential. Don’t waste precious time and money on underutilized space. When you’re setting up your new business and plotting your salon […]

The Leading UV Lamps You Need At Your Nail Salon

There is always a debate between LED and UV, LED lamps usually taking the lead. This is mostly because LED lamps are less expensive to use and are less damaging on the skin. However, a UV nail lamp can safely cure both types of polish. Even better news: LED UV lamps are powerful enough to […]

Jumpstart January with Salon Software

It’s nearly the new year, and you know what that means: January salon clients are booking appointments right and left in order to start the year off with a trendy new haircut or a seriously look-at-me manicure/pedicure. However, with all of the appointments, phone calls, inventory orders, and marketing strategies for the new year, it’s easy for […]

7 Reasons Your Salon Needs Text Marketing

54% of consumers want to receive marketing messages through texts. However, only 11% of businesses are using text messaging as a part of their marketing strategy! This is your chance to get ahead of other salons in your area. By sending an SMS blast to your clients, you can remain top of mind year-round. Text message […]

13 Classy, Funny, and Unique Nail Salon Names

There are over one million salons in the United States. With so many different businesses competing for customers, it can be difficult to make a name for yourself. This leaves us with the obvious question of how to do it. You may set yourself apart in many different ways, one such answer is in the question […]

How to Give Your Salon a Fresh Start for the New Year

Are you wanting to bring your new year’s resolutions to your salon this year? 2020 isn’t only about what changes you want to make in your life. It’s also a great chance to give your salon a fresh start. The good news is that fresh start doesn’t have to mean moving your salon to a new […]

Your Salon Business New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

The New Year presents every business with the opportunity to set new goals and kick start fresh initiatives. The key to realizing these aspirations – and truly adding value to your salon business – is making sure they are both mission-critical and attainable. Enhancements that would be “nice to have” won’t sustain your motivation all […]

Every Salon Owner’s Christmas Wish List

With the festive season fast approaching, and your work schedule getting busier by the day, have you stopped to think about your hair salon Christmas wish list? Look to reward yourself, and ring in the new year, with our top picks: All I Want For My Hair Salon Christmas Gift Is…. The Perfect Hairdryer! Every […]