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Re-opening your salon means lots of new changes for you, your team, and your clients. This is the time we’ve all been waiting for. In that spirit, Salon Iris has recently released several features designed to ease this process for you. They are detailed below and all free of charge.

Salon Iris has many new features to manage re-booking and ease your re-opening:


Check-in with important clients or staff members, use video chat to consult before re-booking, or even generate additional revenue for your salon by charging for consultations. Learn More!

Bulk Void Appointments

Simplify the management of your appointment book by deleting upcoming and recurring appointments in groups so you can clear for an orderly re-booking.

New Marketing Templates

We’ve added new email and text marketing templates to automate any COVID communications, re-opening protocols, or to promote your tele-consultation service.

Online Booking Password

With a simple new setting, you can now require a password to access your online booking page. Supply the password to VIPs, and grant early access to priority clients.

New Reports

Easily see a list of clients with closed tickets for each employee specified by your chosen date and run real-time reports to see all tickets that were marked as canceled, voided, or no-show.

Enhanced Waitlist

Cloud users can now add clients to a waitlist – pick their preferred time/employee or choose first available and add up to 5 services! Once you’re available – easily drag and drop your waitlist client into your appointment slot!

New Campaign Filters

Sort clients by last appointment date in order to intelligently prioritize re-booking by last appointment or group clients by cancellation date to phase in your re-opening.

Getting back to business is both exciting and frightening!
Hear from our in-house experts as they discuss what this might mean for many:

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