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Maybe you’re a dedicated makeup artist; perhaps that’s just one of your many salon- or spa-related skills. Whether you’re self-employed or part of a larger business, our software for makeup artists can make your job easier.
Booking clients, tracking client records, marketing — it’s all easy with Salon Iris. You can even add POS and credit card processing to your software, and your software can be accessed from both desktop computers and mobile devices.

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So Many Important Features

Missing These Spa Booking Software and Salon POS Software Features Could Cost You a Fortune

The market for salon POS software is crowded with competitors. It’s hard to wade through the feature list, much less determine which is the best salon software or spa booking software for the price.
Some vendors provide fancy add-ons or slick interfaces, but these don’t make up for essential services. If your salon or spa management software doesn’t offer these features, you’re leaving money on the table.

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Easy Appointment Tracking

Your appointment book is the heart and soul of your everyday salon or spa operations. Limited booking options, missed appointments, and hard-to-use interfaces just don’t cut it. The best salon software and spa computer software should make it easy for your stylists, therapists, aestheticians, and instructors to manage time and maximize revenue, both in the building and on the go.

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling. If a client cancels at the last minute or a stylist calls out, you should be able to drag and drop the appointment to a new time slot without deleting and reentering information. Whether it is salon software for Mac or PC, the look and functionality should be the same.
  • Mobile appointment tracking. Your employees should be able to wake up in the morning, log into a mobile app, and view their schedules for the day using your mobile salon software.
  • Online booking. Your software should offer customized websites or plug-ins for booking on the Web, a phone app for booking from a mobile device, and an easy-to-use tab for booking directly within Facebook. In addition, look for software that promises immediate notification of online bookings so you can manually approve or reschedule each appointment. You’ll know no glitch can cause you to overbook, and you can make last-minute changes to fill available slots.
  • Automatic texts and email reminders. Who has time to call 25 people a day and confirm their appointments? Automatically send them text or email reminders instead.

Multiple Point-of-Sale Options

Accepting multiple forms of payment is a given, but where and how you accept payment should be an option. Look for these POS features that make collecting revenue a breeze.

Customized Gift Card
  • Mobile salon software and desktop POS hardware. Give your technicians the option to accept credit card payments at their stations, or process all payments at the desk. You should have the option to experiment and see which workflow is right for you.
  • Account balances for clients. Your salon POS software or spa booking software should provide prepay options so clients can set up services in advance, whether for themselves or as gifts. You should be able to easily see client account balances or offer prepayment when clients book their next appointment.
  • On-the-spot upselling. Instead of giving your receptionists canned speeches that sound overly generic, use salon POS software or spa booking software that suggests upsell options based on clients’ past purchases.
  • Custom gift cards and coupons. Look for salon or spa POS software that gives you options to create and sell gift cards. You should also be able to create and process your own coupons.
Salon and Spa email template

Marketing and Client Management

They love you once you get them in the door…but how do you get to that point? The best salon software offers marketing services that keep clients coming back for more.

  • Loyalty and rewards programs. Reward your top spenders for their loyalty with points, special discounts, or free items. Let your loyalty program become an incentive that keeps clients coming back.
  • Photos. Find software that lets clients take before-and-after shots. Save these photos on their profiles so they can see how you’re making them more beautiful.
  • Email marketing. Look for software that offers email templates and email targeting options so you can send promotions clients will redeem. For instance, send monthly birthday promotions, or set up your software to automatically email a coupon 60 days after a client’s last appointment.
  • Client profiles. Save notes on color formulas or massage preferences in every client profile. Even if your client has to use another technician at the last minute, they’ll still get the same impeccable service.

Salon and Spa Management

With the right features, spa booking software and salon POS software can help you save a lot of money on operations.

Employee Passwords Feature
  • Inventory management. Good software monitors your backbar costs and client purchases while enabling easy ordering and replenishment.
  • Payroll and scheduling. Employee scheduling and payment tracking, including commissions and bonuses, should be simple and straightforward.
  • Security features. The best software offers individual logins for employees, allowing you to set their access privileges in a central location. It also logs every employee use of your software, helping you discover potential loss prevention issues.
  • Automated online backup. Look for software with automatic cloud backup, which protects your transaction history, client profiles, and other vital information in case of a natural disaster or other business interruption.

Don’t Accept Less Than the Best

You have many salon POS software and spa computer software options, and you don’t have to settle. Unlike other salon software, Salon Iris offers everything listed above and more. Call 800-527-7600 if you have any questions and try our software free for 30 days.

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