Salon Iris Cloud Features

Sleek and easy to use web-based software

Appointment Book

Everything you need in a salon appointment book! View a single employee or the entire team’s schedule for up to a week and keep everything straight. Perfect for booth renters and small salons or spas.

Color Codes

Quickly visualize your day at a glance by customizing service color codes. Improve set up times and workflow by knowing what’s coming up.

Service Limitations

Eliminate scheduling errors and confusion by setting the correct service limitations for your employees. Easily modify the settings as employees grow and excel!

Recurring Appointments

You don’t have time to repeat the same tasks again and again. Create a series of recurring appointments for your regulars or booking a client’s next visit at checkout will save you a ton of time!

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Credit Card Processing

Accept all major credit cards payments using any device and process them at competitive rates with the highest level of security and compliance. Contact us at +1 (800) 423-8100 to set up an account!

Client Records

Making product recommendations and upselling is a no-brainer. Everything you sell is tied directly to the client and stored in their record automatically.

Inventory Management

Enjoy hassle-free inventory with product tracking that takes care of itself. Your quantities adjust as items go out the door and inventory reports show your best sellers, top buying clients, and your most sales-savvy stylists!


Run a single, easy-to-read payroll report each pay period that’s ready for processing. Create unique commission profiles, set product and service exceptions/bonuses, and track working hours accurately with a built-in time clock. Leave the calculating to us!

Free Mobile Apps

Data is housed on our servers and it’s always secure, waiting for you to connect wherever you are with whatever device you’re holding. Our mobile app is free and available for each and every device you use.

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5,000 e-mails and 500 text messages free every month!

E-mail Marketing

Build your salon marketing strategy with targeted e-mail marketing campaigns. Take your pick from a library of professional e-mail templates or create your own that will perform consistently regardless of browser or mobile device.

Appointment Notifications

End no-shows with automated text and e-mail appointment reminders when a client has an appointment coming up. Notifications can be customized and are sent on a schedule of your choosing. Salon Iris is automatically updated when a client confirms their appointment.

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Photo Management

It’s about more than taking pictures. It’s about cataloging the visual evolution of your clients. It’s about providing each client with a library of expressive possibilities. It’s about tracking the artistic development of your employees. Use it simply, or use it boldly.

Powerful Reports

Make your business more efficient and profitable by knowing the numbers that matter most. We include more than 25 powerful reports that are easy to read and include the key information you need to build a budget and measure your success.


Online Booking

Increase bookings by keeping a front desk open 24/7. A fully-featured, customizable salon online booking website allows your clients to book with you whenever it’s best for them. Provide driving directions, employee bios, promote your current specials, and more.

Facebook Integration

Social media reach is essential; integrate an online appointment scheduling tab on your business’ Facebook page and get to more clients wherever they find you on the web.

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