Payday Made Easy

Robust payroll that is easy to set up and integrated with your sales!

Run Payroll Effortlessly!

Streamline payday with Salon Iris! Set up and add commission profiles, configure employee payroll, and edit payroll employees from one easy-to-use tab.

Add commission rates for profiles and apply them to multiple employees with a simple click. After you configure your staff settings, you can run payroll with the press of a button from any device, anywhere.  


Commission or Hourly Wage


Choose whether you pay employees an hourly wage or commission, depending on which is higher!

Service & Product Exceptions


Not all products and services are the same when it comes to payroll. When configuring an employee you can set up service and product exceptions, this will allow you to set up specific employee exceptions for the commission, back bar, or bonus!

Sliding Scale Commission Sets*


Use commissions to encourage sales behavior – vary commission levels based on volume (for products or services) and watch your overall sales rise!

Calculate overtime wages for employees with up to 5 overtime rules!

Track all of your former payrolls, and run any past report with a simple click!

Export payroll as an Excel spreadsheet. Attach to emails or import to any payroll app!

Run Payroll From Anywhere

Don’t be stuck to the front desk on payday, run, and view payroll right from our mobile apps for Apple or Android.

Payroll on phone

Learn more about Salon Iris’ robust payroll features!

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*Only available on Premier package