Powerful, Comprehensive, and Easy-to-Use Salon Software for Booth Renters

You started renting a salon booth because you wanted to take control of your destiny. Our salon software for booth renters was created especially for you.

  • Say goodbye to your paper scheduling book.
  • Stop calculating transactions on the fly.
  • Ditch those color formulas written on paper cards.
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Look Like the Pro That You Are

With rates starting at $29 per month, Salon Iris booth renter salon software makes payment and scheduling fast and easy. It also helps you manage inventory to cut costs and store complete, detailed client records. Renting a booth has its benefits, but it also brings unique challenges. Some of those challenges include:

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Managing Payments and Taxes

When you’re in a commission salon, your employer takes care of your income tax, Social Security, and Medicare payments. As a booth renter, you’re running your own business. You need a system for tracking not just transactions, but calculating your tax liabilities and totals.

  • Solution: Add credit card processing to accept payments right at your chair. This will also easily provide you automatic reporting on the money you make and the money you owe.

Tracking Expenses

Your buy your own supplies when you’re a renter, and you need to manage your inventory. You also need to figure out how to keep costs down.

  • Solution: Salon Iris keeps a count of your stock as it goes out the door. Track spending and usage so you can order in bulk to save money.


Been using this app and system for 4 months now and don’t have a single complaint. Fabulous app and system all-round! Love it! Thank you Salon Iris!  

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Maintaining Client Records

What was that tweak you made to that client’s color formula? Who are your most loyal — and big spending — clients? You need something more than paper and your memory to deliver exceptional, 21st-century service.

  • Solution: Keep notes and images about each client. Know exactly how you colored, trimmed, and styled their hair on prior visits. Use your notes to upsell products and services on their next visit.

Scheduling Appointments

When you’re running your own booth, no-shows mean no money. You need a fast way to book appointments at the end of each session, and you need to adjust quickly when clients reschedule.

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  • Solution: Book new appointments at the conclusion of every current appointment with just a few taps or clicks. See color-coded appointments so you can plan your workday. Send automatic text messages and email reminders to clients. Never double-book again.

You need the time you’re not with clients to be quick, simple, and effective. That’s what you get with Salon Iris salon software for booth renters.


In addition to its core booth renter salon software services, Salon iris also offers add-ons for an even better experience. For example, Online Booking is included with your subscription to make getting your clients in the chair simpler than ever. Print and load gift cards so clients can book even more services with you.

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