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If you’re a small salon looking to empower your staff with streamline scheduling, advanced online booking, fewer missed appointments, increased client visits, then you have found what you’re looking for…

Salon Iris Deluxe is the right solution for you – perfect for small salons!

Deluxe Includes 3 Users & All Basic Features, Plus:

Recurring Marketing

Send customizable, pre-made, or one-time email campaigns. Simply pick a campaign, choose your client’s criteria, set its schedule and Salon Iris will take it from there! See what’s working and what’s not with open rate visibility and make your marketing strategy a success.

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Gift Cards

Boost revenue by selling gift cards to your customers through Salon Iris’s web or mobile apps! When checking out clients, allow them to purchase and/or redeem a gift card to use towards current or future services/products by simply adding the gift card ID, card value, and expiration date.

Client Loyalty System

Deliver a client experience like no other by personalizing services based on client history, detailed notes, client photos, and previous purchases. Offer a loyalty program, based on your preferred points or rewards system to attract and retain more clients.

Client Management
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Employee Timeclock & Reminders

Keep track of employee work hours for management and/or payroll purposes by allowing staff members to clock in/out – right from within Salon Iris. Keep your employees ‘in-the-know’ by turning on email/text reminders for new appointments scheduled, changes to appointments, and canceled appointments.

Resource Management

Manage all your business resources with ease! Enter your resource name, add to the correct category, and link to the service that will require the resource. When scheduling a service that requires a resource, Salon Iris will automatically assign the correct resource when available or allow you to set a specific resource.

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Packages & Prepaid

Track and sell packages and prepaid services to boost your bottom line! Add customizable packages priced by a fixed sum, percent discount, or full price, and then add the package ID and description. Keep clients coming back by setting up customizable prepaid services – let them redeem services at a later date and leave their wallets at home.

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Nancy’s business was built on a foundation of family bonds and the amazing energy of her employees. See how she and her team turned a fading barbershop into a local institution that is central to her community. Setting down roots doesn’t limit your growth.


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Pro Tip!

It’s much easier and less expensive to retain a current customer than to earn a new one. Create a loyalty program to encourage repeat business and incentivize clients to buy more products and services.

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