10 Eco-Friendly Hair Products That Sell (& Help Save The Planet!)

Bria McPherson

We would all love to be more eco-friendly without having to give up our favorite products and treatments.
Not long ago, searching for natural products was nearly impossible, but now many of the top brands and most popular hair products are eco-friendly — so you can look good AND feel good!
In honor of Mother Nature, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 natural, cruelty-free and environmentally safe hair products that sell. From hair brushes to hydrating shampoos, there’s inspiration for everyone to go green for Earth Day – it’s sustainability without sacrifice!

1. Olivia Garden Bamboo Hair Brush Collection

Olivia Garden has a variety of eco-friendly hair brushes to suit every hair type and hairdo. Each of their brushes are professionally handcrafted from bamboo which is actually stronger, lighter and more durable than wood!

Their bamboo crafted brushes are durable, lightweight, biodegradable and include a special anti-slip grip.

eco-friendly hair products

2. Not Your Mother’s Purifying Shampoo

Looking for a shampoo that’s good for: you, your hair, your wallet, AND the environment? Then ‘Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Purifying Shampoo’ was created with you in mind.

This eco-friendly formula will cleanse hair without using harsh chemicals (no sulfates, silicones, parabens or dyes!). It’s biodegradable – so it won’t clog your pipes or your pores!

eco friendly hair products


3. Truly Organic Toxin-Free Shampoo

Truly Organic discovered the first formula for 99% organic products, and have produced great hair & body products containing only the best ingredients ever since. Among our favorites is the ‘Super Plant Conditioner’, which is made from organic neroli, coconut, agave nectar, passion fruit and tea tree oils. This combines to give your locks extra glossy shine, bounce and fullness while reinvigorating, hydrating, smoothing and strengthening your hair.

With eco-friendly products like this on the market, there’s no wonder everyone is passionate about the ‘Truly Organic’ lifestyle!eco-friendly hair products

4. ACURE Mega Moisture Leave-In Conditioner

When considering eco-friendly products, Acure Organics is one that comes to mind. Their tag line is ‘100% Vegan, 0% Questionable’. They are family owned and operated, and proud to make all of their products paraben-free, sulfate-free, phthalate-free, mineral oil-free, petrolatum-free, silicone-free and cruelty-free.

If you’re looking for an ultra-hydrating leave-in conditioner, which is also 100% vegan, then ACURE is the brand for you! Their mega moisture leave-in conditioning spray includes argan oil and argan extract so you can attain manageable, hydrated hair!

eco-friendly hair products

5. LOVE beauty AND planet Mumumulu Butter

Looking good and doing good should go hand-in-hand. ‘LOVE beauty AND planets’ goal is to make you and the planet a little more beautiful. All of their products are made with organic and sustainable ingredients sourced from locations worldwide.

Beyond this, ‘LOVE beauty AND Planet’ take their eco-friendly goal one step beyond – their sourcing partners help promote fair wage jobs, their products use fast-rinse technology to help save water, and all products are produced from 100% recycled materials!

Try out their ‘Murumuru Butter.’ It’s not only fun to say, but it’s also known to be a fabulous hair and body moisturizer! Made from murumuru butter that’s found in murumuru nuts, which fall from palm trees that grow throughout the Amazon, this product is a must-have to keep your precious strands moisturized.

eco-friendly hair products6. Pure Heat Breeze Hair Dryer

Every person out there has used a hair styling tool at some point in their life, and even though these devices are small, they still have an impact on the environment. The ‘Pure Heat’ hair dryer is unusually quiet, and allows you to choose from three different heat levels depending on your hair’s needs.

You can also switch from hot to cool within a few seconds, thus reducing drying time and your impact on the environment. Pure Heat’s products are made with 100% recycled components and recycled packaging, making this device as eco-friendly as possible.


eco-friendly hair products

7. The Ordinary Moroccan Argan Oil

For our #7 pick, say hello to the 100% Organic Cold-Pressed ‘Moroccan Argan Oil’ from ‘The Ordinary.’ This formulation uses 100% pure Moroccan Argan Seed Oil extracted through a cold pressing that preserves the integrity of the oil’s fatty acids, vitamins, phenols and carotenes.

The oil supports and adds soft sheen and strength to hair and has become a 5-star sensation across social media platforms for transforming damaged hair and dry skin.


eco-friendly hair products

8. Amazon Beauty Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray

Rahua is becoming a big name in the hair care world and, believe it or not, Rahua oil has been used for thousands of years in the rainforest since ancient Amazonians discovered the oil’s fortifying and shine-inducing effect on the hair.

Now, Amazon Beauty is selling Rahao oil nationwide and are passionately committed to creating the cleanest, most effective and sustainable products on the market.

Our top pick from Rahua products is the ‘Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray.’ Inspired by the salty mist of the Galapagos islands, this pink sea salt-based styling spray gives hair perfectly textured waves!

eco-friendly hair products

9. Maui Moisture Curl Quench Coconut Oil Smoother

Looking for hair care products for all hair types? Look no further than Maui Moisture! Their hair products include wholesome beauty for all hair types.

Maui Moisture was inspired by handpicked and handcrafted ingredients that can be found on tropical islands like Maui. They have 6 amazing ranges for all hair types and textures to help get your hair looking healthy!

Check out their ‘Curl Quench Coconut Oil Smoothie Mask.’ Rich coconut oil is blended into this creamy curl smoothie along with papaya butter and plumeria extract. The results? It helps detangle, defrizz and define curls while enhancing softness and body for shiny, bouncy curls, coils or waves.

eco-friendly hair products


10. Yarok Feed Your Hold Style Sustainable Hair Spray

Hair spray is usually pretty nasty! It’s typically just plastic particles suspended in alcohol that you coat your hair with – and breathe in, too!  

And don’t even get us started on the damage that those aerosol cans do to the ozone layer. Finally, we found a hairspray that’s free from alcohol, parabens, sulfates and (of course) cruelty. With the ‘Yaro Feed Your Hold Hairspray,’ it’s a win-win: you can now sustain your style and the Earth’s atmosphere!eco-friendly hair products


So there we have it, our top 10 eco-friendly products that sell. This is only a fraction of the environmentally-friendly options out there. There are plenty of brands and products today from which to choose to help you to go green for Earth Day. Remember, even small changes can help impact the planet.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest your favorite eco-friendly products, feel free to submit them using the comment section below!

Bria McPherson
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