Going Green in the Salon – A Thing of Beauty


Never before has the color green carried so much meaning. At one time green meant envy, but with the introduction of U.S. currency, green took on a whole new meaning. However, as it stands now, green has a more natural meaning. With oil spills, landfills, and other nefarious goings on going on, going green has become a staple in today’s society.

It seems that years of neglect have left Mother Nature unhappy and looking less than her best, and we can help beautify her at the same time we beautify ourselves. There are numerous ways to go about going green in the salon, and with a growing population of socially conscious buyers, keeping green friendly products on hand is a great way to boost sales in this changing market.

Look for petroleum free and certified organic products to carry in your salon and spa. Petroleum, aside from being expensive, is a non-renewable resource. One of the easiest switches from petroleum comes in the form of lip balm which is easily replaced by beeswax based products (although bee populations have been dwindling lately).

While going green may seem like a fad or a passing trend, chemicals such as parabens (a widely used preservative in cosmetics) have been found to cause skin irritation, dermatitis, and allergic reactions. Chemical induced skin rashes are never in style.

You don’t have to hug trees to want to keep your skin beautiful, and you don’t have to hug trees to go green. It only takes a few simple steps, and a few minor changes.

For more information: More steps on green personal care.

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