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Is your current hair salon software as impossible as frizz on a rainy day? With hair salon appointment software from Salon Iris, it’s easy to make your problems disappear.
Imagine an easy-to-use POS system, appointment setting with Online Booking, and convenient client management and loyalty program options. Imagine doing less paperwork while increasing your bookings — that’s the Salon Iris way.

Better Money Management

The Salon Iris POS system makes it easy to ring up transactions and collect payment. With our hair salon software, you can:

  • Carry client account balances and offer prepayment options.
  • Process credit cards with our merchant services feature.
  • Boost sales by offering gift cards and processing custom coupons.

Easy Booking

With Salon Iris, you’ll spend less time on the phone confirming appointments. You’ll also give your clients great options for booking appointments, such as:

  • Making appointments through your website or mobile app.
  • Text message and email appointment reminders.
  • Easy re-booking at the point of sale.

Salon Iris gives your stylists the flexibility to check and update their schedules from home. They can even review client notes or call, email, and text their clients anytime, anywhere.

Happy Clients

Nothing boosts bookings and loyalty like happy clients. With Salon Iris hair salon software you’ll have everything you need to keep clients coming back.

  • Take before-and-after photos to record client transformations.
  • Store color formulas and other information to provide individualized service.
  • Create loyalty programs to reward big spenders and long-term clients.
  • Offer discounts for booking a series of services, and track prepaid client balances.

The best hair salon software does more than help you accomplish tasks behind the scenes. It shows your clients that you’re focused on them all day, every day.

Strategic Marketing

Share promotions with current customers, and win over new customers with your newfound marketing savvy. Our hair salon software gives you marketing tools you can use, including:

  • Over 50 customizable email templates.
  • Scheduling for both one-time and repeat campaigns.
  • Targeting options to deliver the perfect message to each individual client.
  • Referral tracking so you can identify which clients are inviting new people to your salon.
  • Reporting to highlight which marketing strategies are most effective.

Satisfied Employees

Build schedules that work for everyone. Implement rock-solid payroll practices, and pay out bonuses and commissions for a job well done. With Salon Iris, you can ensure your hair salon is a fabulous place to work.

  • Save money by processing your own payroll.
  • See stylists’ availability at a glance.
  • Use our mobile app so stylists can check their schedules anytime.

Business Savvy

Track exactly how much you’re making and how much you’re spending. Use our inventory management tools to keep stocked without overspending.

  • Get notifications when you’re low on a specific product.
  • Match inventory orders to purchase orders.
  • Print checks to pay your vendors.
  • Track your product usage.
  • View reports, including your productivity meter and your business summary score, all within one convenient dashboard.
  • Check appointment summaries, review files for new clients and get a new window into your business.
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