How to Cater to Male Clientele


The boys are back in town! Well, they never really left. Men show up for regular haircuts, likely more often than women, who tend to experiment more with length and can appointment stretch. Men can do the same, but tend to be more consistent with beard and neck trimmings.

Not that Different After All

Men are willing to buy what you’re selling. Learning what many value in hair care products will help your salon convert them from dedicated clients into dedicated purchasers as well.
When making a sale, give them the knowledge they need to recreate the style after they’ve left the chair. Men and women alike will complain that the product didn’t work only because they didn’t use it correctly. With correct explanation, clients will learn the value of investing in their appearance with not only regular appointments, but with valuable products available at their convenience.

Stereotypical Metrosexual? Try Again.

When servicing male clientele, avoid applying stereotypes. Not every guy is super into “man-scaping” or masking their greys with full color. Rely on your ability to cater to the individual. Listen to their pain points and celebrate what they’ve got going for them. Be encouraging, honest, and ask questions that get them involved in the process of defining their style.


Engaging clients that might be looking to reduce their greying hair is easy when you learn about the lifestyles of this clientele. More often than not, older clients are looking to stay competitive in their careers, and are looking to stay modern. Ask if they’re looking for a new gig or work in a field that is steeped with millennials, like technology or digital media. The art of conversation and empathy can go a long way.

Rinse and Retail Repeats

You know service and retail regulars are the key to a prosperous salon. Keeping a client’s cut and product history and preferences is easy with a software solution built for client management. Salon Iris makes accessing previous purchases and measuring trends easy. We build reports to give you the insider information you need to gain repeat business and optimize your business and retail strategies.

All in all, men are looking for the same quality and service that all clients expect. They’re undoubtedly an emerging market, rich in trends and insight. Anticipating the needs of this market is easy when you evaluate their lifestyle and product and styling needs.

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