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If you have just opened or recently renovated your salon, it’s time to showcase your vision! Industry leading publication, Salon Today, is on the lookout for the best new and recently renovated salons in their Salons of the Year contest.

Salon Iris is built to grow your business, and now is the time to get exposure like never before to the more than 60,000 eyes that read Salon Today across print and digital platforms. Ready to get started?

This competition is photo-based, and winners will have their stories featured in a forthcoming issue. Your photos should be stellar, capturing the unique look and feel of your salon. Here are some tips to help you get the right shot.

  • Natural light is your friend! If you have lots of large windows, capture as much natural sunlight as you can in your photos.
  • Avoid reflections from your mirrors. You should not have any people (or product) in your photos, so make sure to shoot at diagonal angles and not directly into any mirrors.
  • Shoot into the corners. Photos that show off the corners of a room create the appearance of a larger, more open and vibrant space.
  • Angle is everything! Taking photos from a slightly lower than eye level angle (but not too low!) can create the appearance of a larger more open space.
  • Declutter! Take some time to help your space look its best (same as you do for clients!) by stashing magazines and loose cables.
  • For the best results or if you’re totally lost on taking great photos, you may want to consider hiring a pro or someone familiar with shooting interior spaces.

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