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The Ultimate All-in-One
Nail Salon Software

Are you ready to grow your nail salon business like never before? Salon Iris nail salon software gives you everything you need to get the job done. It’s time to discover what our software can do.

Wonderful Nails
  • Let clients book appointments online. Bring in more clients without having to deal with constant phone interruptions. Our nail salon appointment software makes it simple for clients to set up appointments online.
  • Send appointment reminders to clients. Remind clients about upcoming appointments by sending an automated text message or e-mail. Boost attendance, get easier confirmations, and spend less time calling and confirming.
  • Manage client records. “What color did I get last time?” “I want an appointment with the same stylist.” Our nail salon software makes that information available to you at the touch of a button.
  • See your schedule at a glance. One look at your computer screen lets you absorb your entire schedule with color-coded, drag-and-drop appointment segments that make rescheduling a breeze. Employees can check and manage appointments and clients using their smartphones or tablets.
  • Manage your cash register. Create complete and accurate bills, make customized adjustments, collect gratuities, and manage clients who keep account balances. You can incorporate convenient, integrated credit card processing too.
  • Reward your best clients. No more punch cards or random coupon giveaways. Develop your own points-based loyalty program that gives big perks to big spenders.

No Website Yet? No Problem!

Our nail salon appointment software gives you multiple website templates to choose from. You don’t need knowledge of web design to add photos, upload your logo, and customize your brand messaging.

Show Your Business Savvy

When you deliver the products and services your clients want, and reward both your best clients and your best employees, you create an unstoppable recipe for a thriving nail salon business. In addition to tools that will take your customer service to new heights, Salon Iris gives you deeper insights into your business.

Using a wide range of reporting tools, you’ll learn how to market and expand your business. You’ll discover:

  • Your most popular services and products. With our software, you’ll have the power to capitalize on your most popular products and services.
  • Your most productive employees. Identify both the rock stars who keep clients coming back and the employees who do more than you think.
  • Your business cycles. You generally know you’re busier at certain times of year. Now, you can predict when to expect more business, when to schedule more techs, and when to offer great promotions that will attract more traffic during slow seasons.

Easy and Powerful

At Salon Iris, we’re motivated every day to empower you to build an extraordinary nail salon brand. With many nail salon software providers, you wrap your operations around the way their software does things. At Salon Iris, we’re focused on you.

We design nail salon software that’s practical and geared toward the realities of everyday business. At the same time, we put design at the center. Beauty isn’t just for clients; it should be part of everything you do, every day.

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