Looking To Increase Profits?

If you’re a medium to large salon looking to expand your brand, reward your top clients, streamline scheduling, allow 24/7 online booking, reduce missed appointments, then you have found what you’re looking for…

Salon Iris Premier is the right solution for you – perfect for large salons!

Premier Includes Unlimited Users & All Deluxe Features, Plus:

Overtime Rules

Our payroll system is fully customizable to best suit your business and employees. Add overtime rules for the particular pay frequency your business runs on (weekly, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, or every 4 weeks), and calculate overtime wages for employees working more than a particular amount of hours per day, week, or for 2 week period. You can then multiply that amount based on retail price or profit, the choice is yours!

Overtime rules


Record and report on your business expenses with ease – track utilities, booth renter fees, supplies, and so much more! Add reference numbers, organize by category, filter by different date ranges, and edit/void expenses all from the same screen.

Advanced Commision

Employee Commission Exceptions – when configuring an employee you can set up service and product exceptions for the commission, back bar, or bonus.

Sliding Scale Commission – use commissions to encourage sales behavior – vary commission levels based on volume and watch your overall sales rise.

Hourly or Commission – choose whether you pay employees an hourly wage or commission, depending on which is higher.


Full Front Desk Functionality

Did you know this software is available on a fully functional, integrated hardware solution that is perfect for your front desk?  

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Nancy’s business was built on a foundation of family bonds and the amazing energy of her employees. See how she and her team turned a fading barbershop into a local institution that is central to her community. Setting down roots doesn’t limit your growth.


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Pro Tip!

It’s much easier and less expensive to retain a current customer than to earn a new one. Create a loyalty program to encourage repeat business and incentivize clients to buy more products and services.

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Hair Salon Tipping On A Decline, Here’s How Salons Can Manage Margins

Based on our findings, it seems the recession has hurt customers’ ability to tip. Only half (53%) of respondents say customers tip their employees just as often as before. Unfortunately, more than one-quarter (27%) say customers tip less often – which is tough on professionals that rely on gratuities as a major source of income. The size of tips is also in flux. Less than half (45%) of the respondents say customers are tipping the same amount as before the pandemic, and 29% say they are tipping smaller amounts of money.