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As mentioned in our previous blog, Winning the Game of Online Reviews, your clients experiences at your business is more important than ever. New clients take to their keyboards as soon as they left your chair, quickly commenting on everything from your ambiance to their sombre. What seems like a lot of pressure can actually be an opportunity to rise to the occasion and really treat your clients!

Specialized Experiences Salon Iris

Create Memorable Experiences

It’s easy to find your niche. Is it your environment? Invest in a few key pieces of art and strategically arrange your waiting spaces. Give your clients access to fresh teas, lifestyle magazines, samplings of local treats from your community. Reaching out to your community for samplings of snacks, healthy or indulgent, could help get your salon exposure.

Are you more of an experimental salon? Do you look to high fashion or follow Instagram fashionistas? Stay ahead of the styles and your client’s ask by always keeping an eye out for things like pastel hair color, hair painting, and/or blunt bobs. Experiment and have some fun with your staff after hours by dabbling in these trends and practice getting it just right.

Whatever you choose to specialize in, the key is to deliver the experience consistently. If you’re consistent in your specialized service, digital word will spread. Ensure that these experiences are easily replicated without compromising quality, of course!

Extend Elaborate Customer Service

To ensure this quality specialty is repeatable, it’s essential that you set expectations for your staff. If you’re going for a certain rich atmosphere, instill in each staff member (regardless if they are not front desk) that they keep an eye on refreshments and replace old magazines if they see them. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep client expectations met.

Making sure your entire staff has that key, specialized skill will ensure that they can service any client at any time. Offer classes to keep their skills sharp and on trend, so everyone knows how to do the Chelsea Blowout, or whatever your clientele are commonly asking for.

Keep Things Running Smoothly

Salon Iris is built to streamline your business. The last thing we want after you have worked your signature magic with your client is to get hung up on point of sale. Our full salon POS system works seamlessly with our software, making check out with zero hassle.

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