Our Top Salon and Spa Resolutions for a Stylish New Year


As you kick off 2016, take time to assess your past, present, and future. Try these bold, empowering resolutions to grow your vision of a successful business plan for your salon or spa this year!

Remember Your Dream

Staff respect and loyalty extend beyond personalities. Everyone must embrace your business dream along with you. So if your vision vanishes, your establishment may become stagnant. Focusing only on numbers can tend to get you off track. Fiscal and customer volume reports measure just your leadership effectiveness and shop’s progress, but they do not measure if you are achieving your dreams.

Instead, inspire your team to focus on achieving your dream to build an exceptional salon/spa where the top priority is how clients feel when they leave the chair. In turn, this revitalized energy will draw in guests, causing profit to rise organically — the ultimate business success. Achieving it is possible when everyone shares your dream.

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Positivity is Contagious

Understanding culture requires delving into a group’s collective behaviors. Never suppress a positive thought and always be kinder than you feel. These attitudes seem like small, intangible improvements, but an optimistic, engaging, and inspiring boss leads a like-minded crew. Similarly, a team takes on its grumpy manager’s unwelcoming demeanor. Which approach do you want your clients to encounter?

Inspire a ‘Can-Do’ Culture

Each time a staffer thinks or says, “That isn’t my job,” they choose an unnecessary role. Being indispensable takes courage, commitment, and tenacity. When you emphasize that all members must take responsibility, you redefine teamwork, efficiency, urgency, and productivity.

Build Your Business

Promise yourself that you will make two big transformations that will reset bad habits that have become normal. Keep in mind, big changes like this can disrupt standard business practices, so commit to only two key changes. Two major changes are the most typical operations can handle effectively per year. Focus on one long-overdue resolution to grow your business, whether through more locations, more clientele, or more employees. Fix one ongoing problem. Does back-office work take too much time? Are your personnel and inventory records a mess? Is your current method inefficient?

Salon Iris software simplifies and speeds up administrative duties so you can devote more time to your clientele. Our salon management software streamlines payroll, commissions, bonuses, staff scheduling, product usage tracking, and inventory management. Check out salon software reviews to discover other users’ favorite features and how they have been used to foster new advantages.

Any resolutions your salon or spa has that we have not touched on? Give us a shout on our Facebook page and share the inspiration!

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