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Many salons begin with a small shop and a dream. Those who work hard, offer great services, hire great people, and attract great clients often see their businesses grow so quickly that they can’t keep up. Whether you’re starting a new business — or discovering that success can bring unexpected challenges! — your salon software should scale with you.

Salon Management

From Those First Few Appointments to the Moment You Make It Big

The best salon software scales to make appointment booking easy even as client traffic grows. From the moment they start trickling in to the point that they’re booking weeks in advance, our appointment book software is there to support your dream.

Our software works on both desktop computers and mobile devices, and it makes setting appointment a breeze. With automated reminders, clients get a heads-up that they need to come in or reschedule — no more no-shows.

  • Salon online scheduling.
  • Easy to update on any device.
  • Automated reminders via text and email.
  • Drag-and-drop rescheduling.

Marketing Savvy for Any Size Salon

For salons that are just getting started, there’s not enough time for clients, let alone marketing. Don’t worry — our salon business software makes it easy to get the word out with email templates, easy campaign scheduling, and targeted marketing options.

Once you’ve hit it big, update our salon software by adding our Demandforce services. These tools can boost your online visibility, help you earn rave reviews (online, as well as in person!), and so much more.

  • Create email promotions during your downtime using over 50 snazzy templates.
  • Target just the right people with personalized promotions.
  • When you’re ready, grow with Demandforce to add advanced online marketing tools.

For the Clients Who Make Everything Possible

Without the clients who put their faith in you when you’re just starting out, a small salon never becomes a thriving business. Give them an amazing experience right from the start with our salon software client management tools.

  • Store before-and-after photos.
  • Store notes on preferred color formulas and more.
  • Text clients directly from your salon business software mobile app.
  • Create loyalty programs to reward your bet clients.

Business Management, Big or Small

Salon Iris has everything you need to run your business, end to end. Enhance your experience with our bookkeeping tools, our POS and credit card processing add-ons, and our QuickBooks Connect module.

  • Offer gift cards and process any transaction using our POS system.
  • Generate reports about the services you perform and the products you sell.
  • Sync data from your POS system with your QuickBooks software.

After your trial period, prices start at just $29/month. Don’t wait start your free trial today!