Credit Card Processing

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Credit Card Processing with Salon Iris


Every transaction is PCI/PA-DSS validated and processed securely with the industry-leading security standards.

  Quick and Easy Setup

Salon Iris is ready for credit card processing out of the box and after a short application process, you’ll be accepting cards in no time.

  Works Anywhere

You don’t need to stay tethered to the front desk any longer! You and your employees can accept credit cards from their station, or when you’re out and about. Secure credit card processing is available on the Salon Iris mobile app with your iPhone®, iPad® or Android mobile devices.

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Who Needs A Wallet

Apple Pay will allow your clients to use the cards they already have with the devices they always have on them. They can use their iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch for a private and safer way to pay.

  Booth Renter Accounts

Booth renters can set up credit card process and have sales deposit directly into their bank accounts. There’s no guess work or messy transferring – Salon Iris salon software has your booth renters covered!

Mobile Credit Card Processing
EMV Hardware

  EMV Credit Card Processing

Transition to EMV to keep your business and your clients safer. Integrated credit card processing now supports credit card readers that process credit cards with a chip.

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We support EMV payments with Salon Iris Version 12 and higher. For more detailed information about EMV credit card processing, please contact us at +1 (800) 527-7600.

To process EMV payments, you will need to acquire new hardware.