Print Payroll Checks Fast and Easy With Salon Iris and Nelco®

Tired of ordering checks from your bank or dealing with a payroll provider? Our payroll check software makes it easy to break free.

Are you done paying your bank too much for blank checks? Are you ready to cut the expense of dealing with a payroll provider? Add payroll check capabilities to your Salon Iris software and never deal with these hassles again.

 Print Payroll Checks Like a Pro

In addition to printing paychecks, provide employees with a detailed pay stubs showing withholding for taxes and benefits. Simply personalize your Nelco® checks with your business name and address. Salon Iris automatically fills in wage, tip, and withholding information — no extra effort required.

  Make Life Easier for Your Employees

Our payroll check software add-on gives you everything you need to give your employees options. Paired with QuickBooks Connect and your QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll subscription, our payroll check software can print checks and pay technicians via direct deposit.

Payroll Checks

Get Everything You Need to Manage Your Salon or Spa

Ready to create the perfect software solution for managing your salon or spa? Salon Iris lets you try out our payroll check software for free.

Become an Accounting Genius

Our payroll check software integrates seamlessly with other Salon Iris add-ons, including our Salon POS and QuickBooks Connect modules. Salon Iris captures your payroll data and integrates it into your bookkeeping records. We make managing your salon or spa easy and painless.

Access All the Forms You Need

Order W-2, 1099, and health insurance premium forms through Nelco to give your employees the tax information they need. Keep information confidential with window envelopes sized to match both payroll checks and tax forms. You can even order personalized business stationery through Nelco.

Slash Your Check Ordering Costs

Salon Iris has partnered with Nelco to make it easy to print checks directly from your salon or spa software. Instead of paying as much as $1 per blank payroll check from your bank, slash your check-ordering costs with special pricing from Nelco.

Payroll checks are compatible on Professional and Multi-Location packages only.

Streamline Check Printing with Nelco® Checks for Salon Iris