Texting Your Clients Has Never Been Easier!

Send targeted texts to your clients on the channel they prefer–right from within Salon Iris Software.

Promote Your Salon in Real-Time

With SMS engagement rates 8x higher than email, and 90% of texts being read within 3 minutes of being received–SMS is a great way to pull ahead of your competition, gain more appointments, and boost client engagement!

Salon Iris’ robust text marketing add-on will allow you to promote your salon in real-time and will ensure you reach your clients with every touch:

  • Fill last-minute openings on your books
  • Send promotions to clients filtered by specific criteria
  • Send recurring or one-time blasts offering a call-to-action
  • Fill off-peak openings with time-sensitive deals
  • Increase average sale value by up-selling specific products
Text Marketing

Choose From Our Pre-Made Templates or Create Your Own

Our pre-made templates are ready to go with a few simple clicks–simply pick your campaign: say ‘Happy Birthday’, let clients know your open for business, notify clients of last-minute appts/slow times, thank clients for visiting, remind clients to book again, promote loyalty rewards, or simply create your own recurring or one-time campaign and start engaging with your clients on the channel they prefer!

Text Marketing
Text Marketing

Targeted Messages

Salon Iris’s Text Marketing has dozens of client criteria to choose from, helping you create profitable text campaigns targeting only the clients you want, when you want.

Set It and Forget It

Schedule your text campaigns to recur whenever you want–once you’ve picked your campaign type and chosen your client criteria, simply set your desired schedule and Salon Iris will take it from there.

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