Rest easy knowing your business information is secure

Employee Passwords Feature

Control Access on Your Own Terms

Increase the security of your software with employee password protection. Each employee can be assigned a unique password and access to every screen and function can be controlled by an administrator.

Activity Log Feature

It’s OK to be a Bit Over Protective

You can never be too protective of your information. Make sure you know what gets added, edited, and deleted with the Activity Log. Never let changed information be a mystery again.

Rest easy knowing your business information is secure

Let Salon Iris give you some peace of mind with employee ID cards. These cards allow your employees to quickly clock in and out, or log in and out while Salon Iris automatically enforces all of your password protection.

The Who, What, and When

Within each appointment you make, Salon Iris will record each of the updates you make, so you can always look back and check what happened before, during, and after a visit.


We Remember So You Don’t Have To

All the information you put into Salon Iris stays protected with a built-in automatic backup system. Copies of your database can be stored on your local hard drive or any external device.

Auto Backups Feature

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