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Employee Access

Not all employees are created equal – limit what each individual user can access when logged into Salon Iris software. Access can be finely tuned to allow employees to interact only with the parts of the software that are appropriate. Settings will be enforced automatically once set up, and can be changed at any time!

No More Scheduling Nightmares

Set up employee schedules in minutes with Salon Iris! Track vacation, sick, and personal days off so you’ll never have to guess which employees are available when scheduling a customer appointment again! You can even set them up to recur, making schedule management a breeze!

Effortlessly Track Your Product Usage

Running out of a key product not only disrupts your business, it can leave a bad impression with a client. Salon Iris software gives you all the tools you need to make managing your inventory – quick and easy! See at a glance a list of all your active products with details such as size, stock count, supplier, category, and brand. You can even add certain product to your favorites for quick checkout. With Salon Iris you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll never have to say “sorry we’re out of stock,” again!

Take the Pain Out of Payroll

Don’t even think about outsourcing payroll for your salon! Salon Iris’s payroll system is powerful, easy to set up, and is integrated with your sales.  All you need to do is set it up once and print checks on payday.

Commission and Bonuses

No matter what your commission structure, we have your back. Choose whether you pay employees an hourly wage or commission, depending on which is higher. Use commissions to encourage sales behavior – vary commission levels based on volume (for products or services) and watch your overall sales rise!

Payroll on phone

Five-Star Salon Software Reviews!

From Real Salon Iris Users

For me, as the owner, the payroll works great and I don’t have to pay for a payroll service. I could go on and on. I think for the money that they charge it is money well spent for running a salon.

The software I had previously wasn’t doing what I wanted and they listened to me and made great software and over time they have made it even better. They are hardworking and honest people. I love what they have done with the software and I am sure it will only get better.

Bill S, The Hairloft in Dearborn Heights, MI

This has been my first experience with Salon Iris, and it is a life saver. Salon Iris allows me to keep everything organized and makes it simple. Moving effortlessly through the client screens, this software has cut down phone time by half. The ability to move clients, shift times, change appointment dates, change clients, and keep track of who creates entries within one screen is phenomenal.

Amanda T, Real Salon in Decatur, GA

Simply put, this app does what it’s supposed to and does it well. Intuitive design, responsive, and most importantly USEFUL!! My favorite feature is the ability to process credit cards directly thru the app which really wows my clients.

Salon Capelli, Salon Iris app user

The reports are easy to run and easy to modify for your exact needs. This helps our salon tremendously with what inventory needs to move, ordering and rewarding our team with top sales, pre bookings, etc. The payroll software saves us thousands in accounting…it is easy to run, updates the taxes and prints the checks with a click. If you are looking for an all-in-one salon management software this is it…it is affordable, reliable and versatile for one stylist or thirty.

Kasey S, Salon Infinity in Mason, MI

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