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Membership Billing

Sell client memberships with unlimited services to suit their requirements. Take away the hassle of securing payments from clients. Once a client is set-up with a membership they will be required to add a credit card on file. Sell more services, generate loyal customers and produce recurring business. These will all add up to- more sales!

Store Credit Cards

Quickly save the client’s credit card on file so they can automatically be charged in the future. Let them keep their wallets at home.

Handle Tips Automatically

Let the credit card device work for you. It will now prompt clients to enter a tip and automatically add the tip to the ticket. No paperwork necessary.

Easy Transaction Voiding

We’ve made it easy to manage your transactions. With CardConnect you can now void credit card transactions right through the software.

Simple Management

Processing payments and managing your merchant account doesn’t get any easier than CardPointe. Real-Time transaction management, mobile apps, and so much more right at your fingertips.

CardConnect with Salon Iris

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Appointment Text Confirmations

Save time and cut down on no-shows with the completely automated text message confirmations. Your clients can now reply to their text appointment reminder to let you know that they will be coming in. Appointments are automatically marked as confirmed on your books – one less thing to worry about!

EMV Credit Card Thumb

EMV Credit Card Processing

The transition to EMV is all about keeping your business and your clients safer with more secure credit card processing. Integrated credit card processing now supports credit card readers that process credit cards with a chip.

Professional Template Thumb

Professionally Designed E‑mail

We include over 30 fresh, new e-mail template designs that are beautifully designed for your business. When you send reminders, marketing campaigns, and notifications, you’ll be effortlessly putting your best foot forward with our elegant designs.

Smarter Client Booking

Easily choose from a list of your client’s most recent purchases and pre-paid balances when booking an appointment, saving you time and taking the guess work out of scheduling. You can even see recent product purchases, making it easy for you to suggest they stock up if it’s been awhile!

Faster than Ever

In your busy day, every second counts. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make the software perform better than ever to meet your demanding schedule.

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