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Maybe you’re a dedicated makeup artist; perhaps that’s just one of your many salon- or spa-related skills. Whether you’re self-employed or part of a larger business, our software for makeup artists can make your job easier.
Booking clients, tracking client records, marketing — it’s all easy with Salon Iris. You can even add POS and credit card processing to your software, and your software can be accessed from both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Make Scheduling a Breeze

Version 12 Update

Check out what was new with Version 12

Your Day at a Glance

Your upcoming day is clearly represented in our new Dashboard, complete with Productivity Meter, Top Booked Services, and more. See which appointments still need to be confirmed, and get quick access to information for new clients you’ll be seeing today. Check in and check out your appointments faster and easier with our smart, accessible appointment lists.

Business Summary Dashboard

Keep track of business health and stay informed of client retention, referrals, and sales benchmarks. Set goals for your business on key metrics, and check at a glance if you’re achieving your benchmarks. Inspire a little competition with the Employee Leaderboard and see who’s leading the way for some key sales activities.

Salon Iris Dashboard
Two-Way Confirmations

Appointment Text Confirmations

Save time and cut down on no-shows with the completely automated text message confirmations. Your clients can now reply to their text appointment reminder to let you know that they will be coming in. Appointments are automatically marked as confirmed on your books – one less thing to worry about!

Credit Card Processing with EMV Support

The transition to EMV is all about keeping your business and your clients safer with more secure credit card processing. Integrated credit card processing now supports credit card readers that process credit cards with a chip.

EMV Credit Card Chip
Professional Templates

Professionally Designed E‑mail Templates

We include over 30 fresh, new e-mail template designs that are beautifully designed for your business. When you send reminders, marketing campaigns, and notifications, you’ll be effortlessly putting your best foot forward with our elegant designs.

Smarter Client Booking

Easily choose from a list of your client’s most recent purchases and pre-paid balances when booking an appointment, saving you time and taking the guess work out of scheduling. You can even see recent product purchases, making it easy for you to suggest they stock up if it’s been awhile!

Faster than Ever

In your busy day, every second counts. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make the software perform better than ever to meet your demanding schedule.

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