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Readers Choice 2020

Online Booking is an incredibly valuable tool for both my team and my guests!”

“We promote online booking on the website and through our Facebook and Instagram pages. It’s particularly nice when people who are new to town are looking up salon in the area. They notice right away that we have online booking—it sets us apart—and helps us capture new clients because they like the convenience.”

“Not only does the Appointment Reminders reduce no-shows, but it also gives us an opportunity to fill any open appointments.”

“While someone in the salon used to have to pick up the phone and call every appointment for the following day in order to cut down on dreaded ‘no shows,’ these phone calls have been replaced with text messages (or emails) that can be automatically scheduled to go out an any schedule the owner prefers.  The text confirmations dramatically cuts down on the amount of appointment cards we give out.”

– Kate Poole, Owner of Vici Hair Studio and Beauty Bar in Amherst, MA

“We looked at all the business management programs available—Salon Iris, Rosy, Vagaro, and Shortcuts—and the features Salon Iris offered, especially for its price point, spoke to us the most.

Reputation Management has been especially huge! Instead of us having to ask customers to leave a review when they’re leaving, the program prompts them to review us on a timer, which we set to about an hour after they leave. Because of this system, we’ve gotten 130 reviews in our first month—and as a result, we were voted as one of the top three salons in the area. We were then able to use Salon Iris to deploy marketing campaigns celebrating the win, which in turn continues to drive more traffic to our website.

– Joseph Quinlan, Salon Salon in Fort Collins, CO


“Before Tesoro, I owned another, bigger salon for 20 years, and I discovered Salon Iris 17 years ago. My former partner and I evaluated three different software options to see what was the easiest to use, gave us all the reports we needed and provided flexibility. That turned out to be Salon Iris. Since then, we’ve watched Salon Iris evolve into the versatile marketing machine that it is now, and we’ve never strayed from it since.”

– Rob Burgio, Owner of Tesero Salon in Snyder, NY

Salon Voe

“My stylists appreciate that the software lets them access their own schedules online. If clients text them outside of regular work hours, my staff can still make appointments right away. Having that level of access is also great for them because they know their clients and how long their treatments take better than anyone else. With the online booking tool everyone can schedule their appointments in the way that makes the most sense for them.”

– Chelsea Vohland, Owner of Salon Voe in Lincoln, Nebrasca

Salon Iris Reviews

"I'm loving Salon Iris and their incredible customer service!"

“I can’t thank you all enough for the patience and time you have given me during this transition…I want to make sure Johnathan gets recognition for being calm, cool & collected when dealing with me – he has been an awesome instructor! Thanks again!”

– Teri Anderson, owner of Incredible You Beauty Studio located in Clio, MI

"This is my first time using Salon Iris, and it’s amazing!"

Salon Iris makes the booking process so easy and quick; I can send clients the platform’s link, and they can immediately make an appointment. I’ve asked all my customers how they like the booking system and they say they love it.

“I set up a recurring text message for every client who’s been coming in. After they leave an appointment, they get a message thanking them for their business along with a 20% discount for future visits. And I can also add in the links for all the review sites we’re on, like Yelp and Google.

I love the credit card processing features. The fact that the platform offers credit card processing through the software system is so convenient because it transfers the information right over to payroll, whereas with other systems, it’d be two separate transactions.”

– Raquel Rose, Owner of Hair by Raquel Rose in Oakland Park, FL

Brandy Luckett

“Salon Iris has helped tremendously with my reopening. A few days before we were allowed to reopen, I sent my clients a link to book through Salon Iris, and within 24 hours we were booked up for the entire month of July. The software is also helpful when my clients want to book appointments outside of normal hours because even if I can’t answer right away, Salon Iris can, and then I don’t miss out on that business.”

– Brandy Luckett, Owner of Bella Bella Hair Boutique in Detroit, MI

Salon Iris Reviews

“I picked this app because I thought it was free from the app store, after realizing it wasn’t, I was a little skeptical. However, after using Salon Iris I have absolutely no problem paying the small monthly fee – it does everything I want it to do to ensure I take care of my clients. I can customize anything I need and contact my clients through email/text or both however many days in advance I need to ensure that they make their appointment. I would recommend Salon Iris to anyone that wants to build their clientele! There’s plenty of options to leave comments about clients, add formulas, and add the products that you use. Well done Salon Iris – you nailed it!”

– Kolora’s House of Beauty

Salon Iris Reviews

“Salon Iris helps us in our day to day salon business with user-friendly features. We love the Text Messaging feature for client appointment reminders. Our clients always comment on how happy they are with this feature because it helps them stay on schedule. Amanda, our Concierge, is always pleasant and helpful in answering any needs we have. I would recommend the software to everyone who owns a salon or spa.”

– Fred Ippolito, Master Stylist at Edge Salon and Spa in Moorestown, NJ

Salon Iris Reviews

“Since offering Salon Iris’s convenient system our bookings have increased by 20%, clients are thrilled, the staff is relieved and as a business owner, I knew I had made the right decision. As a result of using Salon Iris, business seems to be running more smoothly and all aspects of the operations are much more organized. There is no paper trail to monitor and virtually no accounting is needed. We now can focus more on our clients than on daily operations. I sincerely believe that the use of Salon Iris has much to do with our success. I can’t imagine doing business without this well-written program!”

– Brigitta M, Owner of Skin City in San Francisco, CA

Salon Iris Reviews

"Salon Iris Is One Of The Best Investments I Have Made!"

“I bought Salon Iris in 2011 and have been very happy with how the software could run my shop. It was very self-explanatory, I was amazed at how much information I could put in as far as my client list and my entire inventory, it even let me know what I needed to order – I was very impressed! Any time I needed support it was there for me, I think Salon Iris is the best professional software out there!

– Janice M, The Looking Glass Salon in Lake City, MI

“We heard about Salon Iris and once we got more information it was clear to us that the company behind the software shared many of our business values. Everyone at our business is family and when we talked to the Salon Iris representative we realized they ran their business in the same way.

It’s only been two months that we’ve had Salon Iris up and running, but it’s been a wild success, for employees and customers alike. Our stylists love that their clients are notified of their appointments via text reminders to reduce no-shows, and many customers have echoed that sentiment.

It’s cut the time I spend on inventory and payroll in half in just two months. It’s also opened up our eyes to which products are selling well and which we need to cut back on. And we’ve already been able to double our inventory! Overall, the all-in-one Salon Iris solution has made our jobs easier and made everyone at the salon a lot happier.”

– Cynthia and Tiffany, Images Salon in Butler, NJ

Salon Iris Reviews

Salon Iris has helped us continue to provide great customer service. We let the clients know (by date) what their last service was so we can continue to book their next service. It helps them maintain their haircuts and color throughout the year. Thank you Salon Iris!

– Phyllis C, Salon Rocco in Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Salon Iris Reviews

“What I love about Salon Iris is being to run Payroll myself. Our state has mandated that salons operate at 50% capacity. That means having a payroll company is out of the question. A few clicks and payroll is done while sipping my coffee. It saves me time and money by not having to call in my numbers to a payroll company. Simple as that!”

– Jeffrey Herbetko, Owner of Glam Hair Studio in Spring House, PA

Salon Iris Reviews

“I am a salon owner and stylist which means that I do not have much time for paperwork. Salon Iris has given me the freedom to put all of my energy into what I do best. I can trust that this system will not fail from time management to employee workflow. Thank you so much, Salon Iris – my business is successful because I am available!”

– Bethany W, Owner of Salon BeLor in Bourne, MA

Salon Iris Reviews

“Salon Iris is easy to use, with all the features you need to start your business, track your business, and ultimately grow it! Our salon employs 12 stylists, an esthetician and 4 receptionists. We have all used multiple types of salon software and find that Salon Iris is the best by far. If you are looking for an all-in-one salon management software this is it…it is affordable, reliable and versatile for one stylist or thirty.”

Kasey S, Owner of Salon Infinity in Mason, MI

Salon Iris Reviews

Kelly V, Hairtrix Salon in Easton, PA Says:

“Wow, I can’t imagine where my business would be now if I wouldn’t have purchased Salon Iris! I had a different salon program prior and it was horrible. Salon Iris is amazing, not only is it priced perfect, but it’s so easy to use! I have now upgraded and started taking full advantage of the online booking!

Salon Iris Reviews

“I have used Salon Iris for a total of 10 years through receptioning and now with my own business. I love, love the software but I have to say their customer service is phenomenal!”

– Rachel Allickson, Owner of Bliss Beauty, Vismark, ND

Salon Iris Reviews

“Salon Iris has helped our salon deal with the COVID-19 crisis by keeping track of clients temperatures in each of the clients files. We also are able to store all of the clients personal information in the software and it is right at our fingertips any time we would need it. I feel if we didn’t have Salon Iris it would be much harder to deal with this crisis.”

– Bill Schmittling, Owner of Hairloft in Dearborn, MI

Salon Iris Reviews

“Salon Iris has always had exceptional product support. I’ve been a client for 15 years and they have been very helpful throughout that time. That being said, my most recent calls to Salon Iris Support with Andrew were even better than exceptional. Not sure what word conveys better than that….maybe just one word – wow, just wow!”

– Nancy Poffenberger, Healing Arts Massage and Wellness, San Diego, CA

Salon Iris Reviews

“The Salon Iris platform has transformed my business into today’s age of doing business. Like most of us, clients look to have the ease of shopping, web surfing, and yes making essential appointments online. Having a platform for clients to book, confirm, and pay keeps all essential information together in one place for me. I’m a business of one, so this streamlined process fills in the gaps of not having a receptionist staff to monitor these things. It’s the absolute best tool for my business!”

– Gail Johnson, Owner of Rebel Salon in Placentia, CA

Salon Iris Reviews

“Let me list it all. 1. Longevity and experience in our industry. I see Salon Iris as the most cutting edge software because of both and that is a big benefit to my company financials statements, employee retention and lastly client retention. I have used them for a number of years and seen them grow and how it has helped me in the areas listed. 2. Customer service. I can reach technical support when I need them the most on a Saturday and the Salons are hopping. That in of itself is worth a fortune! I am a hairdresser and not a computer guy and I think that is one of the biggest assets to me that Salon Iris provides. 3. Company leadership – That is kind of a dorky thing to say but I have had the leaders in the company call me personally and ask questions on a number of questions. That is a impressive level of hands on that I think has made a difference for me as a owner.”

– Brad Schleager, Owner of Accolades Salon Spa, MI

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