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From Real Salon Iris Users

Salon Iris has helped my salon become successful every day. The appointment schedule is simple and easy to use. Tracking of sales is also awesome! I just need to figure out how to zap the schedule to my blackberry and I will love this software forever!
James D, Salon Frequent, Inc. in Calgary, AB
Salon Iris has helped us continue to provide great customer service. We let the clients know (by date) what their last service was so we can continue to book their next service. It helps them maintain their haircuts and color throughout the year. Thank you Salon Iris.
Phyllis C, Salon Rocco in Englewood Cliffs, NJ
I love Iris salon software!!! Here’s why: I am a busy esthetician and found myself consumed with spending my time booking appointments, and returning calls, all these things take time and therefore, not making money. I want to provide the best customer service I can. I know how valuable their time is. Bringing in Salon Iris software has helped not only save me time, but my clients LOVE the fact that they can book online at any time of the day, and they don’t have to wait for a return phone call.
Kim C, Beautiful Skin with Kim in Chehalis, WA
We have been using the service for approximately 2 months. Since offering this convenient system our bookings have increased by 20%, clients are thrilled, the phones are quiet, the staff is relieved and as a business owner, I knew I had made the right decision. As a result of using Salon Iris, business seems to be running more smoothly and all aspects of the operations are much more organized. There is no paper trail to monitor and virtually no accounting is needed. We now can focus more on our clients then the daily operations. I sincerely believe that the use Salon Iris has much to do with our success. I cannot imagine doing business without this well written program. Thanks so very much. Oh, and the technical support staff ….amazing. I am thoroughly pleased. We love Salon Iris!
Brigitta M, Skin City in San Francisco, CA
My partner (with a PhD in computer science) spent considerable time investigating the various options and found Salon Iris to be the top in functionality and look. Since then, we’ve been extremely happy with the upgrades and customer support that have come along with the package. One of the best features that Salon Iris offers is the email reminders that are sent out automatically, again saving on fewer phone calls and less blow offs. Clients are ALWAYS commenting how they love the email reminders. We also use the clients’ email address to send out salon specials that they can freely send out to their friends and family. This has saved on advertising. I truly believe that every update this software has had, has only gotten better and better. As of right now, I’m not sure if I could run my business without it! Without going into too much detail, the team at Salon Iris has been outstanding with their support of our business. They realize the challenges that businesses face and are right there to help in any way. Their email address support@daysmart.com says it all.
Shelly C, BellaPelle, Inc. in San Francisco, CA
Besides all the valuable tools Salon Iris offered, there was an unexpected outcome that would change my business, but not my Salon Iris! I became my own business without employees. No matter the changes in the economy, Salon Iris is still my partner. I still use the program for myself and I look forward to the future when I will use Iris for a full staff. Salon Iris will help you and your business grow and change when you make those changes! I’m successful because I have a great partner with Salon Iris!
Marlina P, Sensei Salon in Emporia, KS

I am a salon owner and stylist which means that I do not have much time for paperwork. Salon Iris has given me the freedom to put all of my energy into what I do best. I can trust that this system will not fail from time management to employee work flow. Thank you so much Salon Iris. My business is successful because I am available!

Bethany W, Salon BeLor in Bourne, MA

The Salon Iris software has made our business more profitable because it is simple and easy to learn. Even the most non-computerized person can learn this software. Our salon is a 4 person run salon with no receptionist. At times, it is very hard to juggle the phone calls while working on a client and giving the client the attention that they deserve. We started offering the online booking, which has I believe cut our phone calls in half. The web site is simple and easy for my clients to make their own appointments, with in turn, gives me more time book more clients. One of the best features that Salon Iris offers is the email reminders that are sent out automatically, again saving on fewer phone calls and less blow offs. Clients are ALWAYS commenting how they love the email reminders. We also use the clients’ email address to send out salon specials that they can freely send out to their friends and family. This has saved on advertising. I truly believe that every update this software has had, has only gotten better and better. As of right now, I’m not sure if I could run my business without it!
Nicole S, Image Eclipse Studio in Schaumberg, IL
When we began, and I had the stylists set a goal for when we would get rid of the infamous scheduling book. The throw away date was 1 month. We eliminated the book in just 4 days. This program is just amazing in its simplicity. Having all of the retail in the computer is fantastic. The time it had taken to find the price on retail and remembering to tally all that was sold was so time consuming. Now, we have no lost retail. The end of the month tally up for income has been nothing but amazing. The updates have been great and the staff is just superb. Our clients are so impressed with the set up and the ability to use a credit card and debit card, they comment on that daily. Setting up appointments is the simplest of all, and having so much information at your fingertips is so helpful. If I asked my staff to return to scheduling by the book and not Salon Iris, as the owner, I think I would be fired. Being without Salon Iris is something we as a salon just could not handle. I could be a trainer for this program. The other salons do not know what they are missing!
Chad B, Marilyn's Designers Den in Mitchel, SD
Salon Iris gift cards allows Hair Co. to give a professional custom printed photo of our salon, with phone, address and web site on the front and a barcode on the back to track the card in Salon Iris leaving no errors.The biggest impact that Salon Iris has had on Hair Co. is the web site with online booking. The web site can be setup very easily; you do not have to be a computer person. It allows our salon access to the world. We find that a lot of existing and new clients will… book online. I looked at a lot of competitive salon software products before purchasing Salon Iris. Salon Iris was very simple for my staff to learn. I found that Salon Iris had all the tools to run and manage a salon business, and take it from a small salon to a successful large volume business. We . . . recommend Salon Iris to any salon small or large; it is time saving, and accurate.
Jeffrey B, Cambridge, MA
Demandforce has absolutely given our salon the edge in a very competitive market. The seamless, silent integration with Salon Iris has enabled us to focus on an incredible amount of detailed sales statistics with just a few mouse clicks.
Richard D, Richard Salon in Smithtown, NY

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Salon Iris allows me to keep everything organized and makes it simple. Moving effortlessly through the client screens, this software has cut down phone time by half. The ability to move clients, shift times, change appointment dates, change clients, and keep track of who creates entries within one screen is phenomenal. Clients booking online have decreased the number of booking calls daily which frees up so much time for courting new clients. Over two thirds of our clients have switched to online salon booking since Salon Iris has been in place. Inventory is fun using the barcode scanner for updates. Salon Iris has made it possible for our salon to carry more inventory, and as a result, we are selling more products. This feature is so efficient. I have recommended Salon Iris for this reason alone to friends I have in the salon industry. The ease of scheduling, booking and adjusting appointments, inventory, mailings, and sales reports make Salon Iris an invaluable tool. I love this product!
Amanda T, Real Salon in Decatur, GA
Salon Iris is easy to use, with all the features you need to start your business, track your business, and ultimately grow it! We have used Salon Iris for almost two years. Our salon employs 12 stylists, an esthetician and 4 receptionists. We have all used multiple types of salon software and find that Salon Iris is the best by far. Scheduling is a breeze whether it is for one appointment or multiple appointments with multiple stylists…it is easy to see what you are doing and is great for checking to see upcoming appointments, with just a click. The reports are easy to run and easy to modify for your exact needs. This helps our salon tremendously with what inventory needs to move, ordering and rewarding our team with top sales, pre bookings, etc. The payroll software saves us thousands in accounting…it is easy to run, updates the taxes and prints the checks with a click. You can even put your accounting into the register in the system. If you are looking for an all-in-one salon management software this is it…it is affordable, reliable and versatile for one stylist or thirty.
Kasey S, Salon Infinity in Mason, MI
As for me, the email confirmations are worth their weight in gold, it really keeps down the missed appointments and no-shows that occur when someone books ahead of time. I can’t express it enough; it has saved me so much time and money. Having all client info, past appointments and formulations at my fingertips helps me be thorough with a client. If they are curious about price or previous service, or if they just loved or didn’t like the product purchased, I can refer immediately to them and look at our notes on what recent services they had or what they purchased. All transactions are easy to look up and that makes my job easier. It even allows me to sync up my home computer and mobile devices as well, so I am able to book appointments when I am not at the salon. This feature is incredible because I am on the road a lot, for long distances, and I worry that I won’t be able to contact clients if something comes up. Lastly, the technical support team is fantastic! They are very knowledgeable about their product and extremely helpful to work with on any issue I may have. I was concerned about not having in-house support, but with Salon Iris, I have no worries. Everything I have needed they have been able to work with over the phone, or online.
Nicole C, Boston Color Group in Boston, MA
Salon Iris has helped my business grow and keep it organized. It was made with simplicity in mind. My front desk people find it easy to run. My employees like that they know, when their customer was in, what services they had, what they paid and if they bought any products. They also like that it keeps formula records for the client. For me, as the owner, the payroll works great and I don’t have to pay for a payroll service. I could go on and on. I think for the money that they charge it is money well spent for running a salon. The software I had previously wasn’t doing what I wanted and they listened to me and made great software and over time they have made it even better. They are hard working and honest people. I love what they have done with the software and I am sure it will only get better.
Bill S, The Hairloft in Dearborn Heights, MI
Salon Iris is a lifesaver for our salon! It brings the otherwise overwhelming mountain of information we need to manage under our absolute control. In our fast paced and technological challenging world. Salon Iris is an oasis of simplicity. It gives us the management tools we need to offer superior service and to stay ahead of our competition in a user friendly package. Salon Iris is an easy to understand yet high powered, salon solution machine! We love it!
Dana B, Sher Extensions in Elizabethton, TN

Before we installed Salon Iris, payday was always a NIGHTMARE. It always meant that another late night lay ahead of us – Hours of checking tickets, reconciling, adding, reviewing staff sales, staff loans, commissions, taxes. Even after six hours and eventually getting it out, there were comebacks from duplicate or missing tickets, incorrect clients. The list was endless. Now with Salon Iris, it’s a BREEZE, takes about 10 minutes. There are no comebacks, no arguments, taxes done, staff paid and more importantly – an early night. Thanks Salon Iris!

Mark & Sharon B, Perfect 10 Nail & Body Studio in Shelly Beach, South Africa

I have been using Salon Iris since I opened my Hair Studio in Sept. 2008. Salon Iris has enhances my business by organization, totaling sales for the day, preventing overbooking, and keeping track of inventory. I truly believe Salon Iris has defiantly been added on my list of “Top reasons my Hair Studio is successful.” The Salon Iris staff is totally awesome, When I email questions or concerns I receive an email within 24 hrs. This was a great business decision to have Salon Iris software.
Tamika W, Cre8tive Concepts Hair Studio in Lansdowne, PA
The scheduling feature is incredibly easy to use, our manager spent about a half hour with each member of the staff showing them how it works, and for the first time ever the receptionists can eat their lunch in peace without worrying about the stylist covering the desk running to the back and interrupting because they can’t figure out how to book an appointment. Productivity has increased by leaps and bounds around here now that everyone is able to view their stats at will and see where they need to step it up in services and retail in order to meet their goals! The color formula feature is a life saver! It’s so much easier just to tap in a formula and click, “Save” instead of fumbling with a book or client card file. The credit card processing and end of the day features are a plus! It has made our life so simple! I could go on all day about all the things we love about SALON IRIS and what it has done for us. From all of us at Europa Hair Studio, thanks for creating such a user friendly program with the stylist in mind.
Donald O, Europa Hair Studio in Coral Gables, FL
Wow I can’t imagine where my business would be if I would have had salon Iris for the whole time! I had a different salon program prior and it was horrible. Now, Salon Iris is amazing. Not only is it priced perfect, but wow so easy to use. I have now upgraded and started taking full advantage of the online booking!!!! OMG is this wonderful or what? In the short time we have started this it has paid for itself. Then there are the reports, oh the reports!!!!! Prior to getting Salon Iris, I had an employee who stole between $8,000 and $10,000 worth of product, supplies, and $$$ from me. She then opened her own salon on my dime. Because of how horrible our old system was and the lack of security and reports, it took a long time to catch her. Well not any more, thanks to your great program, Salon Iris! My inventory is under better control than ever before and I have Salon Iris to thank.
Kelly V, Hairtrix Salon in Easton, PA
I work at CNM Community College in the cosmetology department. We are so delighted to work with Salon Iris. Client info. shows us previous history, allowing us to prepare better for our clients. Every report imaginable, from end of shift total, with total amount of each employee to products sold. So cost efficient with stock inventory. No guess work with scheduling. Access to cash register limited. Time is money is the old saying, is that is exactly what we are getting more time & money available because of a smooth operation.
Yolanda S, CNM Community College in Albuquerque, NM
I have been contemplating opening a salon for some time now and the thought of being on my own really scared me until I found Salon Iris searching the web. The site was user friendly and upon contacting the company, I was guided from start to finish meeting my needs. Although as a new salon owner, there were many questions to be answered and they come to mind every day, I can honestly say that the uniquely gifted people at Salon Iris has my best interest at hand. Thanks for everything.
Joelyn W, Styles & Smiles in Jacksonville, NC
It’s not a secret ……SECRETO SALON success comes from our front desk and the tools that SALON IRIS software provides. A call now is effortless. We are able to coordinate the whole day for our guest. Multiple tickets check out is our favorite tool, reducing credit card charges – WOW! Stylist schedules, sales, and reports -all of this and more – helps us keep our focus on giving a unique experience to every client in our salon. Thank you!!!
Monica P, Secreto Salon in Murrieta, CA
The program is user-friendly which allowed all of my employees to utilize the system as necessary. With that being said, the password protection provided me with the assurance of knowing that no one had access to confidential business information. I contemplated not having Salon Iris when I downsized to just myself, but, efficiency and accuracy are very important to me and I am able to partner email requests/inquiries with Salon Iris to provide my clients with up-to-the-minute responses and service. As the owner of a large salon and day spa, Salon Iris kept appointments simple and accurate. We had many clients who came to us for multiple services on the same day. In many cases, we were able to upgrade and add in work for idle employees based upon the easy salon appointment book. Waxes, massages, nail services, etc. were effortlessly suggested to our clients to increase average ticket sales. The ledger keeps me on point with my overhead and allows me to keep my accountant very happy because I am able to give him a neat, itemized report of my expenditures for tax purposes. I am able to plan large purchases for updated equipment without having to guess what fixed expenses are up and coming.I know that there are other programs for salon use. I tried a couple in the past but Salon Iris is the best. Customer care is professional and prompt and my overall satisfaction is very high.
Nichole H, Niki's Niche in Overland Park, KS

Try Salon Iris Salon Software Absolutely Free for 14 Days

I’ve been meaning to write about my software for a long time. I own a salon suites operation where I and others in the suites are independent practitioners. I stay very busy so I don’t have time to answer the phone. Being that the phone is the lifeline to my business, I was agonizing on how would I catch the calls that lead to legit appointments. I considered having an answering service but that would mean that I would have to play phone tag with clients. I simply did not have time for that! I researched other products (online software) and I found your product to be user friendly and the reports help me keep track of my business performance. The best part is, my clients love it. They do not have to call during business hours to schedule an appointment. Most of them are happy to be able to do this after/before hours when they have put their kids to bed or taken care of other obligations in their day to day life. Thank you for your wonderful software. It has certainly alleviated a lot of my problems. I am very grateful indeed.
Yasmin K, Yuvaderm Salon in Buford, GA
When we opened our own salon, we were determined to find software that was user friendly and “trainer” friendly and Salon Iris was recommended to us by another salon owner. Using Salon Iris is quick and easy to train new staff on and easily operated. The learning curve is nil and I appreciate it. The old salon often had clients show up for appointments on the wrong day or time because we had to “write” down the guest’s future appointments and someone would make a simple mistake with the dates and cost us clients. Using Salon Iris, I have it printed on the bottom of the ticket and e-mail confirmations. The guest is plugged in and we have never had a mix-up with appointments! They appreciate the thoroughly efficient way in which they are treated and that is invaluable for building our new salon. Time and ease of booking has been huge as well. Time is money and in this economy, we appreciate the simple process of moving around in the system.The short amount of time needed for booking an appointment makes a short check-out for the guests as well. Happy guests=Busy salon! It has been one of the best choices we made for our salon.
Stephanie J, Azure Salon & Spa in Canton, GA
When setting up our first salon in Townsville, we looked at many booking systems. Deciding on SALON IRIS came down to function and price to suit as well as simple to use and easy training for us in store. What we have now discovered is the many other functions SALON IRIS can be used for. Not only a booking tool, we can access many valuable reports on staff, clients, stock, forecasts and is totally compatible with our book online system. At the touch of a button, we have information to assist us in salon marketing and promotion, scheduling staff time to be more profitable, daily/weekly/monthly figures for turnover/stock/client numbers and services. We will definitely have SALON IRIS in all our stores as the system has become one of our most valuable managers.
Sue C & Karenne H, in Sydney NSW, Australia
It makes us professional number one. The program helps us keep organized with our appointments. There’s no erasing or errors that can occur when appointments are written. It helps with our inventory. Our inventory is huge now… with our retail products we just enter them and we know by the system alerting us when inventory is down. That a way, it is more cost effective for me the owner because I know what retail products are popular and I just reorder those same things again and again. Our cash out procedure is easy now…we are most more organized…it keeps us tips, sales, and daily totals… it figures out your taxes which helps the owner with the retail tax filing and also with filing taxes for employees. I love it…it’s easy…so easy that we have trained all our staff on how to use it… I tell you with Mother’s day coming and the purchasing of gift cards..the system is great to help keep track of cards… our clients love it… especially if they have lost one…well, the system keeps track of all their information…they tell us their name and we can see the activity on the gift card…. The system was great the first time around so that’s why we purchased another one….we enjoy it…
Linda F, Parisian Spa in Jacksonville, FL
What can I really say except that… we are in love! We used to have a system that was confusing, dated, and non-user friendly. My old system would drop appointments. I would have clients walk in the door and they wouldn’t be on my book and I would have to scramble stylists around to make it look like nothing was wrong. Heaven forbid I would want to print a basic report and I would have to search around looking for which screen to go in to print it. I begged the owner for months for her to get something better. Well Salon Iris is the best! My appointments are so much easier to make. I can make appointments and check clients out from the same screen! Checking out clients is a breeze! Everything is right at my fingertips. I can email my clients with ease and don’t have to go searching for their email address and then write it down and then open my email. Our clients love the email reminders and we are constantly being thanked for them. I could keep going on about all of the wonderful features that Salon Iris has. This software has made my job 100% easier.
KatieBeth B, Satori Salon & Spa in Jones, MI
We love the Salon Iris Program…it has helped us with business tremendously. We are a salon that does hair only, but it works efficiently with our commission and booth renter stylists. I worked with computers teaching newly installed programs years ago so I am computer literate. This program is very easy to comprehend, gives you daily tips for operation, consistent on updates and the help topics and online support gets an A+!! We do not have a computer programmer for our system so I installed the software and figure out the program on my own and feel that the software itself has been very easy to work with and figure out. We love the fact that we can look up the history of what services clients have had in the past and what they are scheduled for in the future…product purchases and the ability to make standing appointments …another helpful tool is the fact that it does not let you double book a client without warning… I love the product reports… this program has been very helpful for us to keep our inventory in check. To see what is selling and what is not as so not to have things on our shelves that just don’t’ sell. The payroll is quick and easy and after a couple of times of running payroll, it is something that I don’t dread to do. All in all Salon Iris has been a pleasure for us and our staff to use…it is easy to maneuver, evidentially because we didn’t need hours and hours of training to use it. Thanks for creating an effective tool for the success of our new business.
Deanna D, KaDe Hair Designers in Sanford, FL
While researching salon software systems to help manage my business, I came across Salon Iris. It was demonstrated for me at a trade show in Dallas. Salon Iris has enabled me to simply run my business. No worries, it literally does all the work for you. If you need help, the tutorial is abundant with topics to choose from and there is always the friendly informative technical support team to take charge of any crisis, no matter how big or small! With the click of a button or two, all your information is right at your fingertips. Thank you, Salon Iris for simplifying my business, my life!
Nadine G, Madison's Tanning & Day Spa in Lisbon, ME
I have been the only one working the desk at PUCCI HAIR STUDIO for many years and let me tell you no one else can do it right ..just me..you know how it is! Then one day, Salon Iris came along into the salon.. I was hesitant at first, maybe even a little jealous of her …could she really be better at this then me…. but with time and patience came knowledge and before I realized…it was Salon Iris and I at the front desk.. who ever thought that day would come !! Not me! I got used to her being around and kept using her more and more each day .. she is the first thing I go to in the morning and the last thing I shut off when everyone clocks out at night. I use to have the clients formulas in my head or cards etc. now Salon Iris informs me I have 4,972 .. so, good thing she is here.. what would I do without her! Pictures of clients on the file and mailing is nice .. appointment book.. we will talk later… but I certainly couldn’t do without her at my side and when the day comes that Salon Iris can answer the phone and I am sure it will.. I won’t be needed anymore ,but until then… when you come to PUCCI HAIR STUDIO, you will see Salon Iris and I at the desk ( I’m the one with the smile..haha).
Daniel P, Daniel Pucci Hair Studio in Moorestown, NJ

The software system has helped grow our business by letting us analyze the data in specific reports. For example, to help a stylist grow the business and understand where growth potential is. Stylists can see their client retention; understand that their retail sales are linked to client retention. WE can target specific groups to send salon email promotions, like a birthday club, clients that haven’t been in in 3 months and clients that have visited a particular stylist in the case of a stylist leaving. Generally we can pick any subset of client to target, run the report and target a promotional email to that group. I like it for payroll, it literally takes 10 minutes to completely run payroll and print the checks. It’s a great system!

Kimberly L., TeknicColour Salon in Cranberry Twp., PA

Salon Iris has been the most valuable tool in helping to make my business more profitable and successful. The reports features alone have proved to be worth the cost of the software. These salon reports have enabled me to better evaluate employee performance and show them areas for improvement, thus increasing both service and retail sales. Salon Iris has proved to be an invaluable resource for better salon management, salon appointment booking, service and retail sales, employee counseling, and identifying areas of our business that needed improvement. The use of Salon Iris salon software has without a doubt made a direct impact on our bottom line.
Ann M & Roger J, Salon Bellezza in Cibolo, TX
Hi, we have Salon Iris. 8 months ago, all we had was an appointment book. We were always missing appointments or scheduling at wrong days and times. It was a big mess when you have 10 people trying to be the front desk, but my sister insisted we buy and we try it. I’m so glad we did! We are on a roll. Everything is on time, payroll easy! Products and services- wow! I can’t ask for anything more. Also, I’m running this program on an old computer and it’s really slow, and even with that Salon Iris is awesome! Thanks!
Adela F, Trevi Hair Body Face in Othello, WA
Salon Iris program has cut down on my bookkeeping time and paper work tremendously: monthly P&L; quarterly employee 941 tax reports and filing; W2 filing; daily totals and activities; employee tracking of client activities etc…; client history; client spending; inventory. The program has more than I can send through this e-mail. I have not even begun to touch on what is available. The investment is so worth the value of this program! I’ve been a Salon Iris user for 4 years and the program has NEVER failed me. The tech support is great. Salon Iris program beats the other programs “QUALITY vs. COST.” I would highly recommend this program.
Maria O, Ria's Salon & Day Spa in Boynton Beach, FL
I am so grateful I was able to get my hands on such a powerful tool for my new salon and spa business. I decided to open up a business in the toughest economic recession we have had in a while. My first success as a business owner was investing in Salon Iris. I did my research and I chose Salon Iris, because it offered everything I needed to jump-start my business at the best value. I have been able to track my retail sales, track my clients- their purchasing patterns, and track employee information, all from the very first day I opened my door. As a new business owner, I learned quickly that the integrated gift card feature was going to be a major purveyor of new clients for us. My favorite feature, although simple, is the counter on the bottom of my list of client list. I love watching that numbers get bigger and bigger every day. Salon Iris is truly a one stop-shop! Besides keeping my appointments, I can keep track of all my financial information and be on top of everything. Salon Iris also was able to set me up on a flexible payment program, which made it affordable and easy for me to obtain the program. I have been able to work smart and not hard. Thanks! I have already recommended this product to other salon and spa owners.
Michelle F, Dulce Dolce Spa Salon in Modesto, CA
I have been using the coupon features since the end of February. This is a great feature that Salon Iris has to offer! It helps with discounting each ticket without having to manually figure it out, and it also helps tracking your new client counts. I am excited to say that since we started using the coupon feature my business has really increased. In a bad economy it is really important to know how many new clients you have and who they are. This really helps. Additionally, it tracks the amount you have discounted daily, weekly, and so on so that you can write it off at the end of the year! Wahoo!
Roseann H, Roseann's Hair Studio in Phoenixville, PA
We recently opened a children’s hair salon and we have been using Salon Iris since day one. We can keep track of services, sales, and appointments in an “all-in-one-software.” Our customers are impressed how we keep in touch with them through e-mails, and as well as with the on-line booking option. Both are excellent and helpful tools especially for busy parents. Customers are extremely satisfied and they consider we are a very modern salon with leading-edge technology. I am extremely satisfied with the software, his prompt customer support and the constant software updates. Keep the good work Salon Iris!!
Nedelka M, Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon in Ottawa, ON
I bought Salon Iris in 2011 and have been very happy with how the software could run my shop. It was very self-explanatory, I was amazed at how much information I could put in as far as my client list and my entire inventory, it even let me know what I needed to order. I was very impressed. Any time I needed support it was there for me! I think you have the best professional software out there. It is one of the best investments I have made, but now I have closed my shop and just cannot seem to be able to come up with the last payment on time, I just want to thank you for all of your support.
Janice M, The Looking Glass Salon in Lake City, MI
We, for years, were using a software that was looked at as the industry’s leading salon software. As we were looking to save money, we looked at many aspects of our company, and the one thing we were paying for every month was a subscription for our software. I started to do research, and we downloaded many demos from many companies and talk to many sales associates. Our decision was for Salon Iris for obvious reasons. From my first conversation, every question was clearly answered and I never felt “sold.” From then, I was allowed a demo version of Salon Iris, which I found very easy to navigate around and found that with clearly marked icons I was able to do many functions. With all of the training videos available at all times we have been able to train every staff member in the salon on our own time. We now only have the Standard edition, and I soon look forward to upgrading to the Professional edition. We have started the salon online booking and there has been very positive feedback. In this fast moving world it is awesome to have technology and customer service that work so great together. I think it is clear on why we have chose Salon Iris.
Megan T, Vie de Bella Salon in Syracuse, NY
Well, first thing that impressed me and really speed up my business was your appointment book. We used to have the pen & paper style appointment book and 5 different handwriting styles was making it hard to read some of the client’s names and services that they requested. Plus, let’s not talk about cancellations and re-booking where you had to erase, flick pages and rebook. Another good feature was the SMS messages which put more time back into booking services because before at least 1 hour was spent in making phone calls to confirm appointments. Overall, we are very happy with the program and especially the improved waiting list feature with the new Version 8. In conclusion, Salon Iris helped our business by increasing productivity (less dead time with pen & paper plus a lot of phone calls for apt. confirmations) and happier staff members (frustration in reading names and services because they were unable to read different handwriting).
Nicolae I, Le Corte Beauty Clinic in Perth, Wales, Australia

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