Adding a New Client

This instructional video will demonstrate how easy it is to add a new client.

To add a new client to the system, click add client. This screen will let you enter and edit the client’s details. Most of the fields are optional so only enter the information you want. You can enter the client’s first and last name; home, work, and mobile phone numbers; and the client’s mailing address. In the Miscellaneous section, we can select the client’s gender, title, occupation, birthday, and anniversary date. In the Reference section, we can enter the client’s email address or SMS text number for sending appointment reminders. We also have the option to scan the client’s driver’s license or ID card to make it easier to find their account in the future, and we can select the category the client belongs to.

In the Contact Options section, we can enter how the client should be contacted. If the client has suggested that he or she does not wish to be contacted by email, postal mail, or by phone, you can check the appropriate boxes here. If you intend to send out appointment reminders, you can specify whether to send these through email or SMS by checking the appropriate boxes here as well.

Lastly on the Marketing tab of this screen, you can record if this client was referred to the business by another client or if they heard about the business through other means.

With this information entered we can click ‘Save’ to add this client to the database.