Copying Addresses from the Client Report

This instructional video will guide you in how to copy client address data from the mailing report for use outside the software.

To copy addresses from the mailing report to the clipboard in Windows, click on the ‘Mailing’ button. Use the filters in Select Clients to Include. To narrow down which clients you wish to contact, if you wish to limit your results. You can change the ordering of the results by selecting an option in ‘Order Results By’.

Under Result Options, select ‘View list or copy email addresses to the Windows clipboard’ and then hit finish. The mailing report will display which gives you an opportunity to look over the clients included to make sure your results were filtered correctly. When you’re ready to copy the report, select ‘File’ and then click ‘Copy’. The report will be copied to your clipboard for use in other Windows software such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.