Initiating a Marketing Campaign

Initiating a Marketing Campaign

In this instructional video we’ll walk you through utilizing a powerful feature of the software: creating a marketing campaign.

To make a marketing campaign, click on the Marketing button. This will take you to where you’ll find all the campaigns you’ve created in the software. Next, click on the ‘Add Campaign’ button. This will pop open the Setup Marketing Campaign window.

The setup is broken down into a five step process. In the first step, enter the details of your marketing campaign such as the name, description, the date range in which the campaign will be active, and what kind of ticket referral type that may be associated with the campaign.

In the second step, click on ‘Manage Marketing Material’ and select a marketing material option. You can either select email, text message, postal mail or other. With the email and text message options, you must select a template which can be added or edited by clicking on ‘Manage Templates’. With postal mail and other, you can choose to optionally associated file such as a letter saved as a Microsoft Word document.

In the third step, you can filter which clients will be contacted about this campaign by clicking on ‘Manage Campaign Clientele’ and using the marketing clientele wizard. In the fourth step you can associate coupons to this campaign by clicking on ‘Manage Coupons’.

Now the marketing campaign is set up and ready to be initiated. To initiate the campaign we’ll press ‘Send Emails’. The emails will be sent and the campaign will be saved in the software so you can later run analysis reports to see how well your clients responded to the campaign.