View Upcoming Appointments

In this instructional video, we’ll see how quick and easy it is to check on an upcoming appointment for a client.

To view an upcoming appointment for a client, click on the Clients icon along the toolbar and find the client you’re attempting to look up. This screen shows the client’s details. To see their upcoming appointments, click on the ‘Purchase History’ button. This screen lists each upcoming appointment along with the appointment’s date and time. If you wish to edit the date, time, or any other information regarding this ticket, select the ticket you wish to edit and click the ‘View/Edit Ticket’ button, or simply double-click the listing.

If you would rather delete the ticket entirely, highlight the ticket and press the ‘Delete Ticket’ button. Press ‘Yes’ on the prompt that appears to confirm that you wish to delete this ticket. Once you’re finished, press ‘OK’ and then ‘Save’ to return back to what you were doing previously.