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People go to the spa to feel as though they’re the center of attention. Salon Iris spa software empowers you to create a client experience that they won’t forget. With our spa booking software, you can feel confident that your clients will keep coming back for more.

Spa Products

Hassle-Free Scheduling

Your clients will love how easy it is to book appointments through your Online Booking website. Your employees will love seeing their schedules anywhere, anytime, and they’ll appreciate the reduced workload when it comes to confirming appointments.

  • Book appointments online. Give your clients the convenience of booking online anytime.
  • Send appointment reminders via text message or e-mail.
  • Add appointments from any location.
  • Help associates plan their days.

Complete Spa Management Capabilities

If you’re like many managers, you enjoy the client services aspect much more than dealing with payroll or ordering inventory. With Salon Iris spa management software, dealing with business activities becomes a cinch, giving you more time to design new services, focus on branding, and grow your client base.

  • Always have inventory on hand. Our spa software alerts you when important supplies are running low.
  • Process payroll like a pro. If you’ve been paying to outsource payroll, Salon Iris makes it easy to trim costs by doing it yourself. Customize your compensation packages with bonuses and commissions.
  • Get deeper insights into your spa. Who are your biggest spenders? Which services are most popular? How does your business change seasonally? Thanks to our reporting tools, you’ll know exactly what’s happening with your business.

Marketing, POS, and Client Management

With Salon Iris, you can design promotions, loyalty programs, and targeted email campaigns to keep clients coming back for more.

  • Market your business. Create marketing emails targeted to specific groups of clients. Offer discounts and promotions that are easy to ring up.
  • Build client loyalty. Create a points-based loyalty program to show clients your appreciation. Offer free services, discounts, or goodies to thank your clients.
  • Have a complete set of payment options. Process credit cards with our payment processing add-on, and accept prepayment for client bookings.
  • Record your clients’ favorite services. You can easily save colors of nail polish and other information about your clients’ favorite products, and you can make notes about health issues, service preferences, and more.

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